World War II Simulation Rules

You may use any AEG you own, WW II era or not. Yes you with the G36 bring it, no problem.

No red dots, lasers or any other modern-type optics.

Scopes only on semi auto sniper rifles.  If you use a scope on your weapon you will expected

   to fire only on semi-auto and use only "low" or standard capacity magazines.

Semi auto only on most AEGs every 7th player will be issued a blue arm band and will be permitted

   to use full auto.  People who have WWII style weapons that represent an automatic weapon

   (i.e. Thompson, MG42, M3, etc.) will automatically be one of the individuals to receive an arm

   band.  (This helps simulate the actual weapons mix of the era.)

No night vision devices.  (Goggles, scopes, cameras etc.)

Limited radios to one per squad also to simulate time period.