Vehicle Rules

Operation: Urgent Harvest has some scenarios that will involve vehicles.  These are the rules that govern the use of the vehicles during the scenarios.

1.  Vehicles will be driven by event staff only.  Others may ride within the vehicle but only staff may drive the vehicle.

2.  Vehicles will drive no faster than a walking pace or 5 miles per hour.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

3.  Nobody is allowed within 10 feet of a moving vehicle.

4.  Vehicles will at no time be closer than one car length from each other.

5.  No personnel are permitted to crawl underneath a vehicle at any time.

6.  When a vehicle is disabled and/or destroyed it must immediately stop.  The engine must then be turned off.  Automatic transmission vehicles will place their transmission in "Park" and the parking brake must be engaged.  Manual transmission vehicles will be placed in an appropriate gear to avoid the rolling of the vehicle and the parking brake must be engaged.

7.  Rocket launchers, M-203s firing solid slug (foam or rubber) projectiles (Mosquito Molds MOSCART M-203 Slugs, Mini-vortex nerf footballs etc.) or the placing of demolition charges on a NON-MOVING vehicle will constitute a "HIT" on the vehicle.  Note:  Demolition charges may only be used on a vehicle that is not moving.

8.  The first "hit" on a vehicle disables it.  The crew is alive and may choose to fight from the vehicle if they so wish.  The vehicle must be shut down. (See #6 above.)

9.  The second "hit" on a vehicle destroys it.  This means that anyone still in the vehicle is dead and must go respawn.   Items inside the vehicle are also destroyed and unusable.

10.  When "destroyed" the vehicle will remain in place for the rest of the scenario and may be used as cover and/or crawled into but players still may not crawl underneath the vehicle.

11.  When a vehicle is destroyed it will be signified with a plume of smoke.

12.  Drivers of vehicles are not subject to being hit and should not be fired on if it can be avoided.

13.  Drivers of vehicles can not engage in combat unless the vehicle has been disabled and properly stopped.  Then the driver may engage in combat and may be fired upon and killed as well.