Combat Medic Rules

Many of Team Blackjack's scenarios call for the use of  combat medics.  These medic rules are provided to simulate combat medics on the field, patching up the wounded soldiers and getting them back into the action.  It also simulates the medics having a limited amount of medical supplies to conduct their mission with.

Each medic will receive the following:

·  One small backpack or similar “pouch” to carry the medical supplies. (Optional)

·  A number of “knots” equal to the number of players on the medic’s squad times the number of times each individual may be revived up to a maximum of 12 knots.

Note:  Additional material may be added to the backpack or pouch to bring the weight of the medic kit up to a realistic amount.  A freezer bag filled with sand will give the approximate correct weight for a medical kit.

Each “knot” is a two foot section of 1/8” nylon cord which can be purchased in the hardware section of any Walmart.  Each end of the cords are tied into a very tight knot so that the cords will resist fraying at the ends.  Each cord is then tied into a mass of knots until no loose ends are left and the cord consists of a mass of knots.  These knot masses or “knots” for short are then placed into the medical kit.  The exact number of knots to be placed in the kit is listed above.

Scenario Play Using the Medic Rules:

When a player is hit they must call out “hit” and drop in place.  They may call for a medic but may not communicate in any other way with other players.

The medic must achieve physical contact with the wounded person.  While maintaining physical contact with the wounded player the medic must take out a knot and untie it.  Once the knot is completely untied (except for the two end knots) the cord is then tied around the wounded players arm or wrist to signify that they have been revived.  Once the cord is tied to the person then they are revived and may once again join the game.

 In a scenario where players may be revived more than once, the number of cords tied onto the player shows how many times they have been revived.

 If a medic is hit, and there are no other medics left on the team, another player may get to the medic and follow the same procedures to revive the medic.  If there is another medic still alive and active on the team then they must go and revive the wounded medic.

 Once a medic is out of “knots” during a scenario, they can no longer revive wounded soldiers as they are out of medical supplies.

If an enemy medic is captured, their medical supplies may be scavenged and used until the end of that scenario only.  Medical supplies will be re-issued at the beginning of each scenario.

 Moving Wounded

In order to move wounded personnel, an unwounded person must maintain physical contact with the wounded player and they may then move at a walking pace.  If two unwounded players have physical contact with the wounded player they may move at a jog.

 Head Shots

Any shot to the head is considered and instant kill.  No revival by a medic is possible.