These rules are for covering when a player is captured and his/her captors decide they wish to disarm and search them.  Obviously, some people would be highly opposed to actually being frisked and/or having their weapons taken from their person.  In order to provide a solution to this issue we have devised the following rules.


In order to disarm the player the captor must place their hand on the players shoulder and state "I am disarming you.".  At this time, the player that is being disarmed must remove the magazines from all weapons and fire any chambered rounds into the ground.  All weapons must then be placed on safe and re-holstered, slung, or carried in such a fashion as to be rendered non-threatening such as over the shoulder etc.  All magazines must be placed in a pocket such as pants cargo pocket, ammo pouch, pocket or wherever the player wishes.  The magazines may not be placed back into the weapon/s however.  Any other miscellaneous weapons that the player is carrying also become non usable, such as hand grenades, launchers, explosives etc.



In order to search a prisoner for any items that that may be of interest such as maps, intelligence documents, orders or any other game-related items that the player may be carrying, the captor places their hand on the prisoner's shoulder and tells him/her "I am searching you.".  At this time the searched prisoner must give up all game related items (Non personal items such as wallets etc.) for the captor to see.  The captor will then decide what is of use and what is given back to the prisoner.