Breaching, getting through a door that is locked or otherwise un-openable. There are several methods of breaching doors. They typically fall under three categories. Mechanical breaching, Ballistic Breaching and Explosive breaching. Each one of these categories have sub-categories that will be addressed and how they are performed in the scenario games.

Door Status Cards:

These cards show the status of a door and what methods of breaching will work to get them open. It is then up to the players to decide what method of breaching they wish to use. Each method has advantages and disadvantages which will become apparent in their descriptions. If the door is locked the card will display a red symbol and a list of breaching methods that will work. Once the door is breached, or right before it is breached, the card is flipped over to display a green symbol, indicating that the door is either open or has already been breached.

If a door with a red Door Status Card is encountered, the door must be treated as if it is locked and it must be breached before being able to pass through the door.

Mechanical Breach: This includes picking locks, door rams, sledge hammers, pry bars, etc.

Lock Picking: If a door can have it's lock picked then there will be one or more cords with knots in them attached to the door knob. The door is breached by untying all of the knots in the cord and turning the Door Status Card over to green. This is a quiet method of breaching so there is nothing more to do other than go through the door.

Door ram, sledge hammer, pry bar, etc.: This method of breaching a door is fairly loud, the player must hit the door with the breaching tool. He or she may flip the Door Status Card before hand if they wish. As the door is opened the breacher must yell out "Door Breached!"


Ballistic Breach: Ballistic breaches are done with a shotgun. There is the door knob method and the hinge method.

Door knob: The shot gunner approaches the door and places the muzzle of the shotgun nearly on the knob. They then fire twice into the door knob. With each shot the gunner will yell out "Breaching Shot!" When the door itself is opened they must yell out "Door Breached!" The Door Status Card may be flipped before the shots are taken if wished.

Hinge: Done exactly the same as the door knob breach but is used when there is no visible door knob. It involves three shots on the hinge edge of the door at the top, middle and bottom. With each shot the gunner will yell out "Breaching Shot!". When the door is opened the player must yell out "Door Breached!". Again, the Door Status Card may be flipped before the shots if the breacher wishes.


Explosive Breach: The placing of charges on a door to blow it apart or in. It is a very loud method of breaching.

The player must place the charge on the door and then either set the timer or manually "detonate" the charge. When the charge "detonates" the player must yell out "Breaching Charge!" When the door is opened the player must then yell out "Door Breached!" As with the other loud methods of breaching the door, the Door Status Card may be flipped prior to the charge being "detonated". The other advantage of a breaching charge is that if the door is breached in this manner it automatically defeats any booby traps that the door might have had. Additionally, if anyone is within arms reach of the door when it blows they are considered wounded and incapacitated as if they were hit by a BB.