Mission Code Name:  SPOIL SPORT

This scenario should have at least 12 players on the field, split into two teams.  One team is a multi-national counter-terrorist team, code name Black Hammer.

The other team is The Red Palm Revolution terrorist group.



1/3 of force may begin at the northern end of field 4.  The other 2/3 must begin at the southern end of field 4.

Respawn will be located at the mid-field point of field 4.


1/3 of force may be within the town.  The rest of the force may be anywhere on field 3.

The bomb may be placed anywhere in the town that the RPR chooses but once it is placed it may not be moved again.

Dr. Puzonov may be placed anywhere at the communications station that the RPR chooses.  They may not kill him as he is very important to them right now.

Respawn will be at AO Mexico.



Disarm Bomb: 10

Extract Bomb: 10

Rescue/extract Doctor: 10

Eliminate Doctor:  5



Bomb Detonated: 20

Members of the cell escaped: 10

Doctor survived and escaped with RPR:  5




09 January 2006, Chechnya, Nadrech.

At 1215, 01 January 2006, Sergey Puzonov, a prominent Russian bio-physicist was abducted  from his home in Moscow.  He has now turned up in Chechnya in the care of a terrorist group known as The Red Hand Revolution (See attached terrorist organization profile.).  It appears that they have kept him busy.

At 0700 hours yesterday a European cell of The Red Palm Revolution took control of a small shack town known as Nadrech.  They claim to have a biological bomb that is carrying a virus known as Lot-246.  The Russian government has reluctantly confirmed that this was indeed the project that Dr. Puzonov was working on when he was abducted (See supplement 1.).  The RPR did not choose this town randomly.  It's location does hold significance.  This shack town is located at the headwaters of a tributary to the Argun river which runs through Chechnya and into other countries and regions to the south of Chechnya.  If the bomb is detonated, the casualties are estimated to reach into the tens of thousands and could spark severe hostilities in the area.  It is believed that this is what the RPR is counting on.

The RPR has control of the town and the surrounding area, including an abandoned communications center to the east of the town.  Intelligence believes that the bomb is located somewhere in the town and that Dr. Puzonov is being held either in the town or at the communication center. 


Infiltrate the area from your insertion point.  Be careful of patrols out from the main complexes.  Locate, secure, disarm and evacuate the bomb carrying the payload of Lot-246.  Locate and rescue Dr. Sergey Puzonov.  Failing rescue of the doctor you are to eliminate him with extreme prejudice.


Locate, disarm and transport the bomb to extraction.  DO NOT move the bomb until after it has been disarmed!  It may be booby trapped.

Locate and rescue Dr. Sergey Puzonov.  Get him to the extraction point as well.  If rescue is not possible the Russian government has requested that he be eliminated as a threat to further proliferation of dangerous bio-agents in the hands of terrorist organizations.  If rescue is not possible terminate with extreme prejudice.

Red Palm Revolution


The Red Palm Revolution is a small but growing extremist group that borders between a terrorist group and a cult.  It's members hold a fanatical loyalty to the organization's leader who is known as "The Bringer" within the group.  It is believed that the leaders real name is Keith Norrett but it has yet to be confirmed.


To bring about the destruction of all modern technology and let anarchy reign across the world.  They believe that the human race has ruined the planet and will only continue to do so in the future.  They have vowed to destroy all those who promote or embrace technology.  They feel that most of modern society fits this category.  The fact that they use technology in their struggle to eliminate it is a paradox that the members do not seem to take notice of or tend to ignore, believing that the end justifies the means.


The Red Palm Revolution has claimed the responsibility for several car bombings globally.  They have been credited with several kidnappings of executives of technology companies from several countries.  They have received healthy ransoms in these kidnapping activities.  One of the first kidnappings ended with the death of the executive after the company he worked for refused to pay the ransom.  It is suspected that the organization is also getting involved with drug trafficking as well.  At the site of each one of the organizations attacks there is always found a red hand print similar to that of their organization symbol.


The Red Palm Revolution has many small cells globally.  Mostly located in the United States and Europe each of these cells do not normally exceed ten or so members at any given time.  While members are aware of the existence of other cells,  they do not typically know the personalities within those cells or their locations.  It is believed that only "The Bringer" has detailed knowledge of all of the cells.  The number of cells that exist globally is believed to be approximately 20.  Total manpower of The Red Palm Revolution is estimated to be between 150 - 200 members globally.


The Red Palm Revolution has no known ties to any other terrorist or cult organizations.  It is suspected that they may have recently formed a business relationship with the C.P.L.M. in the Independent Republic Of Cortanica to traffic narcotics into both the United States and Europe.


The Red Palm Revolution has so far funded itself through the ransoming of corporate executives.  It seems that they have recently also expanded there fund raising activities to include narcotics trafficking as well.  While they are not currently well funded it is expected that their financial ability will soon be increased substantially. 

Threat Level:

The Red Palm Revolution is not particularly well funded but is becoming more financially capable as they expand their activities to include kidnapping and possible drug trafficking.  Different counter-terrorism agencies have varying listings for this groups threat level but they typically list them as low to medium.


 LOT-246 (Variola Ultrus Super Pox)

General Description:

Lot-246 is a genetically engineered virus based off of the Variola Major virus (Small Pox).  This new genetically enhanced virus is named Variola Ultrus and has been unofficially dubbed Super Pox.

Contagion Level:  Extremely High

Lethality:  100%


Direct Contact, Contaminated Water, Airborne.  (Humans are the only known host.)

Incubation:  12 24 hours

Initial Symptoms:

High fever, head and body aches, nausea, vomiting.  Duration: 1 2 Days.

Progressive Symptoms:

Emerging rash consisting of red spots over the entire body with concentrations in the mouth, nose, and throat areas.  High fever, nausea, vomiting, head and body aches all continue and intensify.  Duration: 1 day.

Terminal Symptoms:

Rash turns into pustules filled with thick, opaque fluid that rupture and hemorrhage.  High fever continues and vomiting becomes hemorrhagic.  Body aches progress into severe and painful muscle spasms which shortly become full seizures.  Duration: 1 6 hours followed by death. 



Your cell has abducted a renowned Russian bio-physicist named Sergey Puzonov.  You have forced him to create an amount of a man-modified viral weapon known as Lot-246 and made him assist in building the delivery system as well, a bomb.  Your cell then took over the small shack town of Nadrech because of its location near the headwater of a tributary to the Argun river.  If the bomb is detonated here, your cell will have caused tens of thousands of deaths in the area and probably spark hostilities in the area between neighboring factions.  Chaos and Anarchy will reign!   Once you are sure that the bomb will successfully detonate you must escape the area by getting to AO Mexico before the bomb detonates.


Guard the bomb until the last possible moments and then escape via your escape route.

Escape with Dr. Puzonov alive.