Mission Code Name:  FOX HUNT (Sniper Hunt)

This scenario should have 6-8 players for every 2 snipers.  The key to this scenario is to work together as a unit, not individually as "rogue warriors".

We call it the Sniper Hunt scenario. I'm sure there are plenty of these types of scenarios out there. This is just our humble variation.

Define the field of play and boundaries. Designate members of your group as Blue Force snipers. The rest are designated Red Force hunters (should be about 4 to 1 against the Snipers). Snipers are given time to set up positions. Upon start of the game, the Red Force hunters are given a designated amount of time to locate and eliminate all the Blue Force snipers. Here's a scenario "briefing".


Red Force units have launched a first-strike offensive against Blue Force territory. This offensive has been successful in catching Blue Force unprepared and has driven Blue Force back a third of the way into their own territory.
At the beginning of this scenario, the main body of Blue Force has retreated to regroup for a counter-offensive. As added insurance to buy them more time to re-group, snipers have been ordered to stay behind and cause security problems for the incoming Red Force units. This is done to prevent them from totally securing the newly taken area, and use it as a staging point for the next phase of their assault.
Securing the area of combat is vital to Blue Force for the above stated reasons. Military Intelligence has determined that Blue Force will require 60 minutes to launch a counter-offensive, led by air strikes. Red Force will have 45 minutes to secure the area of snipers, thus allowing the remaining 15 minutes to set up AAA (anti-aircraft artillery) batteries against the incoming air strike.


Red Force - Eliminate the snipers before 45 minutes are up.
Blue Force - Stay alive for 45 minutes and kill invading Red Force units when the opportunity arises.


Red Force:

1.  Field Commander - responsible for planning strategy to "sweep" the area for snipers. He may assign squad members into pairs or keep the squad together to search for snipers. (WEAPONS LOAD-OUT: Standard magazines)

2.  Red Force Squad - responsible for following the Field Commander's orders. (WEAPONS LOAD-OUT: Standard magazines)

Blue Force:

1.  Snipers - develop a plan to identify optimum locations for establishing "sniper lairs" and areas of cross-fire. Utilize natural terrain and cover. (WEAPONS LOAD-OUT: Standard magazines)

Try using the one-shot-one-kill rule, with no re-spawns.  Initially playing with these strict limitations forced everyone to play "smarter" and cooperatively.

The more you play, the more you'll find that your guys will develop into a unit of "hunters and shooters".