Mission Code Name: Dark Thunder

Blue Force Briefing


We have three separate heavy mortar teams out that are providing harassment fire against the supply trails nearby that are being used by the enemy.  They have so far been very effective and it looks like the enemy command has taken notice.  Intelligence indicates that an enemy force is moving into the area.  Presumably, their mission is to locate and destroy the mortars and crews.


- Make sure the mortars are not compromised and are able to continue their mission.

- Deliver more ammunition to each of the mortar locations as they have all expended their ammo.

Red Force Briefing


Our supply trails are being hit by blue force mortar fire.  This has cost us some vital supply shipments to our area of operations.  We cannot allow this harassment fire to continue.


Move into the area.  Locate and eliminate the mortar threat so that our supplies may flow freely once again.

Set up

Blue Force

Three separate mortar sites will be set up with a maximum of four personnel located with each one.  The locations will be selected by the Blue Force.  The three mortar sites cannot be co-located however and must be separated enough distance so as to not be seen from the other sites.  They must also be located somewhere on field numbers 2 (Town) and 3 (Big Field).

Three large ammo crates will be placed together on the field at the starting point for the main blue force unit (The Town).

The rest of the blue force team will begin in the town.

Blue Force respawn will be in the town.

Blue Force may use medics or respawn.

Red Force

1/3 of the force may start in the northern portion of field #4.  The rest of the force will begin in the southern portion of field #4.

Red force respawn will in the back field on field #4.

Game Run:

Red forces must locate and destroy the mortars by eliminating the crews and/or the mortars themselves.  They may eliminate the mortars with explosive charges or with grenades (tennis balls) put down the barrel.  They can destroy or capture ammo loads for points as well.

Blue forces must protect their mortar sites and deliver a load of mortars to each of the mortar sites by the end of the scenario.


Red Forces destroy mortar: 5 points each

Red Forces prevent ammunition from being delivered to mortar site: 5 points each

Blue Forces mortar still active and held :  5 points each

Blue Forces ammo successfully delivered to mortar site:  5 points each

Scenario run time:  1 - 1.5 hours.

Props Needed:  3 mortars, at least 3 explosive devices.