Satchel Charge

Simulation of a satchel demolitions charge with count-down timer.  Its not flashy, doesn't really explode, go boom or emit smoke but it's good for simulating placing a satchel charge on or near an objective to blow it up.  I created it by purchasing a military bag that looked suitable to be a satchel charge.  I would have used a standard issue map case but could not find a used one cheap enough at the time.  I purchased the bag shown instead and it worked out great. 

I then took a large freezer bag and lined the inside of the bag with it.  Then I filled the freezer bag with sand to the top, sealed it, folded the top over and taped the top of the freezer bag to its own side with duct tape to insure that the freezer bag would not open during rough treatment and spill sand everywhere.

I then stuffed some generic wire down the side of the bag with the sand-filled freezer bag holding the wires in place.  The wires were then ran through the back of a count-down timer* that I purchased and painted black.  After the wires were connected to the back of the timer I used sticky-back velcro strips to connect the timer to the top of the satchel. 

What we end up with is a realistically hefty satchel charge that can be set for any time between 1 second and 99 minutes-99 seconds. 

Here are the pictures of the finished product:

*  The timer was purchased in the kitchen wares department at Walmart for about $6.00 apiece.  They have a number pad that allows you to enter minutes and seconds from 00:01 (one second) to 99:99 (99 minutes and 59 seconds).  It also has the start and stop button which will of course stop or start the countdown.  When the timer counts down to 00:00 then the timer emits a fairly loud, high-pitched pulsing alarm until it is reset.  They are well worth the money and we have bought two different Walmart stores out of all they had at the time for future use.  They also come in real handy as game timers and such.