C-4 Explosive Charges

These were really simple to make actually.  I cut a block from a 2 x 6 out, sanded it down and sanded all of the corners a bit to create the "block" of C-4.   I then drilled a hole in one end that was large enough for a pencil to go into with little or no resistance.  With the whole drilled I then painted the blocks white and then stenciled "C-4" on all six sides with black magic marker.

Then I took a pencil and cut a two inch length of it and used a drill to drill the "lead" out of most of the length of it to make the blasting cap.  I painted the blasting cap black but should have really done it in a dull silver or aluminum color.  I then used a hot glue gun to secure a couple f wires into the end of the blasting cap that I drilled out.  These wires were then run to the count-down timer* and looped through the back of it after I removed the timer stand.

Sticky velcro was then placed on the C-4 block and the back of the timer so that the timer may be placed on the charge and the blasting cap inserted into the blasting cap well in the charge that was drilled out earlier.

Last I placed some double-sided tape on the back of the C-4 block so that the block may be stuck to something after peeling off the outer covering of the double-sided tape.


*  The timer was purchased in the kitchen wares department at Walmart for about $6.00 apiece.  They have a number pad that allows you to enter minutes and seconds from 00:01 (one second) to 99:99 (99 minutes and 59 seconds).  It also has the start and stop button which will of course stop or start the countdown.  When the timer counts down to 00:00 then the timer emits a fairly loud, high-pitched pulsing alarm until it is reset.  They are well worth the money and we have bought two different Walmart stores out of all they had at the time for future use.  They also come in real handy as game timers and such.