Operation:  Broken Glass

On 12 July 2003, Team Blackjack elements played in the Operation: Broken Glass scenario game that was run at the Georgetown field in Dawsonville GA. 

Operation: Broken Glass was written by Ronin of Team Ghost Cell and Team Blackjack would like to say congratulations to him for producing such an enjoyable scenario to take part in...Except for the extraction which we won't quible about how god-awfully far away it was or anything like that.

Elements from Team Blackjack that deployed to Operation: Broken Glass were:

CloudCaptain:  Balin Deloach

Sixgun:  Aaron Stanfield

Echo5Hotel:  Jim Hunsinger

The Team Blackjack elements took the command role during the operation in which they were a terrorist group known as the "Sons of  Light".  The Sons of Light had hired a mercenary, Cain, to build and plant a sarin gas bomb for them.  Local police authorities got wind of the situation and responded prematurely due to an underestimation of  the threat level of the Sons of Light.  The local authorities were decimated and some where taken hostage.

The Sons of  Light, along with their hired bomb-tech, Cain, were able to get the bomb set up along with a few other booby trap bombs that would go off if the Delta Force unit that responded to the crisis used their radios anywhere near them.  The Mercenary Cain then made his way out of the area.  It also became apparent at this time that the Sons of  Light had a traitor in their midst.

The Sons of  Light command then decided that while they tried to identify the traitor in their midst, they would also use him/her to their advantage and began to provide dis-information as to the location of the bomb over their radio network.  One of the Sons of  Light was also disguised among the hostages with a weapon well hidden on his person.

The Delta Force unit that responded to the Sons of  Light had some internal communication problems that impacted their response effectiveness but they did manage to rescue the hostages as the Sons of  Light withdrew to let their plan take effect.

The Sons of  Light plant accomplished his mission by eliminating the Delta Force commander and one of the two bomb-techs.

The traitor in the Sons of  Light then tried to identify another team member as the traitor.  This was soon ironed out and the real traitor was positively identified and eliminated.

The Sons of  Light managed to hold the Delta Force contingent back long enough to where the command decided that their one bomb-tech that they had left would not have time to diffuse the still-hidden bomb anyway.

With about 10 minutes left on the bomb, the command called all of the Sons of  Light to a rally point and prepared to pull out and head to the extraction point.  At 5 minutes, a small harassment force was left behind while the rest of the terrorists made for their extraction.

Five minutes later the bomb detonated, spreading deadly sarin gas over a large area, killing a large amount of the local population, the Delta Force team, and several members of the Sons of  Light terrorist organization.


After Action Review

As was said before, many congratulations to Ronin of  Team Ghost Cell for writing and running a very enjoyable scenario.  It was great and Team Blackjack was glad that we could be a part of it.  All of the teams that comprised the Sons of  Light played very well and it was an absolute pleasure to play the scenario out with all of you.  I would like to site the team names but I can't remember all of them off hand and rather than slight one or two I just won't mention any of them by name.  The only real problem the Sons of  Light had were some communication issues that were partly scripted into the scenario since Bravo team's leader turned out to be our traitor.  Other than that, the plan that we came up with went pretty good.

To my understanding, the delta force team had some communication and chain of command problems that arose.  Had they not had these problems I am sure the game would have been a lot closer and more tense in the closing minutes of the scenario, if not ending up with a completely different outcome.

All and all the scenario was great, the game play was great and I think everyone had a good time which is what it was all about. 


~ Echo5Hotel