After Operation Urgent Harvest I thought that I would retire. Shepard Phoenix had a new commander now and a new hand picked crew of soldiers and a new mission. Just before control was about to be turned over to the new commander, the Blackhawk that was to bring in General Carr and his XO Colonel Schibi and First Sgt Davis was shot down. They all survived but were in no condition to command. Therefore it was up to me again to try to salvage the operation that had just lost its head. They airlifted me back to base and dropped in some reinforcements. The reinforcements made it back to base after being dropped off target and for the better part of the mission, out of radio communication since I was not able to brief them before we where deployed, dang that Blackhawk for getting shot down.


After the base was finally secure, the raids started, the CPLM where extremely vigilant in trying to contain us inside our walls. We just got word that one of our recon aircraft was shot down no doubt by the same person who shot down the commanders Blackhawk. We needed to retrieve the hardrive form the ejector seat that had landed, I am not sure where the pilot was he must have separated from the seat in the fall, the poor fellow. Either way our intel said it was somewhere in cortanica, well no crap. Apparently the tracking device on the chair was damaged, teams where sent out and nothing, no sign of the seat. We then ordered a satellite over the area to try to locate it and received a weak signal giving us a general location and eureka there it was. The hardrive was secured and returned to base. Actually I retrieved the hardrive with the aid of my original team members since the other teams were engaged with CPLM forces. My guess is the data on the hardrive led up to the next objective.


We were then informed that we needed to place sensors out in the woods at different locations to help determine enemy troop movements and such. Sheesh whats next being able to beam over to the enemy base. We placed the repeater and 2 sensors and we where done for the time being, two sensors would have to wait since the fighting was too fierce to place them correctly. We where them informed of Rico Diaz a rebel leader who believed in our cause and wanted to join with us, one of our fire teams stumbled on them by accident and where bringing them in and WHAM they were dead and the resistance crushed by the CPLM.  Next we where informed that the CPLM had weapon caches that needed to be destroyed, teams where sent out again and one cache located and destroyed, the CPLM base was infiltrated and severly damaged by some well placed C4 but no caches where there. Two individuals where given the task of placing the last two sensors Shotgun and Gillie Guy I can’t remember there actual call signs. Shotgun went up the left side and Gillie Guy went up the middle, it took a couple of tries but I believe gillie guy finally placed the third sensor. Shotgun ran in to some resistance and me and my small team comprised of SW, and AFR and a couple from Postmortem went up the left side after him and placed the fourth sensor and got out.


Our next mission “will they ever stop” is to recover the sensors we just busted our humps to place “somebody shoot me now”.  I and my team went to retrieve the sensors I personally placed and sent the another team to retrieve the sensors they placed, and all but one was retrieved, and that one stayed till the end, it was a brave little sensor, the red light stayed on all night.


Based on the sensor data, yeah you guessed it, another mission was generated and the structure known to us as the third bridge needed to be destroyed. A team was dispatched and encountered heavy resistance, therefore an airstrike was called in to do the job and notification that the strike was enroute was received. We waited for confirmation that the airstrike had been successful and it never came, apparently the CPLM had knocked out the coms and we couldn’t get confirmation. We continued to wait and even tried a suicide run to blow the bridge and several lives where lost. Later we found out the bridge had been blown by the airstike and the loss of life was for nothing.


The next two objectives where almost impossible to complete since we where losing light quick, we were to try to destroy the CPLM’s underground drug facility that all we knew was in the village somewhere. To top it off the CPLM got a hold of some mortars that reined hell on top of us that had to be eliminated as well. Again we sent out teams and there where no result from these two missions by the end of the day.




Before the end of day one, we retrieved a body in the woods that apparently was killed by the rebels before he was eliminated. The Body has a message from the CPLM leader that basically stated they where going to invade the U.S. with there Poison. Us hearing this over the radio and the Loss of friends and troops the day before rallied the troops, and we fought the second day as if it was our last.


We searched and searched and could not find any more ammo caches or the mortars that where firing relentlessly. Our first mission of the day came in and we where being airdropped a secret weapon of unknown design.  Postmortem was dispatched to the north of the river to locate the drop that was not dropped on target “do they ever drop stuff on target anymore”, the rest of us where looking for the drop south of the river. Communication was made with the pilot of the aircraft and it was determined that the drop was to the north somewhere up there. It took three separate teams to finally find the drop and return it to base. As we where approaching the base the CPLM launched a full scale assault on the base and we barely made it in.


Once the base was secure we found out that the devices dropped, where biological weapons designed to eliminate and destroy all cocoa plants on the Island of cortanica. This would effectively destroy the CPLM’s ability to make money. However they had to be placed in strategic spots across the island and had to be detonated at the same time. I ordered half our forces to just keep hitting them any which way they could to create a diversion, also by this time 2 of our 3 bridges where destroyed and our only option was a covert mission behind enemy lines to properly place the devices. Since the devices had to be detonated at the same time, we set the timers back at base and we had 55min to place all of the devices and evac the island. The first device was placed to the north of the river which was fairly simple but seemed to easy. “45min’s left “ Next we split up and one team headed straight for the third destroyed bridge and the other cleared our six and met up with team 1 at the third bridge just as they were fording the river.”35min’s left” We continued after them and we all moved carefully around the CPLM’s defenses to place the last two devices. When we got to the location where the last device was to be placed we froze there were 2 CPLM troopers carrying some boxes and some other weapons. Eventually they left and we continued on and found what we had been looking for previously, the other ammo caches and the 3 mortars that had taken so many lives. We then planted the C4 and the last device and headed back to evac. I then received info that the drug lab was possibly in the tower in the village so I ordered a couple of bunker busters to help gravity to pull the tower down. “Later we found out that that was not the lab, oh well we had to try something”


“10min’s left” On the way out we encountered the two troopers that had dropped off our booty that we C4’d. They took out our point man and we opened up and they where dead almost as fast as there opening shots. We then double timed it, once we found out we had 7min to detonation. Me, Gunstar, and Lil Joker got back to the third bridge, and quickly forded the river again and found out the CPLM where hot on our heals due to an intercepted radio transmission. Gunstar stayed at the third bridge and told Lil joker to keep me alive. I told him to come and he refused he said he would stay behind to that I could escape, and when someone has a loaded Aug pointed at ya, you don’t argue. Me and Lil joker took off. We then encountered 3 CPLM at the trenches and quickly dispatched them, we didn’t have time for tea. We crossed the first bridge and came under fire by CPLM, Lil Joker was taken out since he just happened to be on the side the assault came from. I then triple timed it through the base to the extraction point and onto the choppa. I debated with myself, should I stay and wait for the troops and risk none of us being able to leave or should I go. I didn’t know if the CPLM where hot on my heals or not and I did not want my troopers sacrifice to go in vain and since there was another chopper touching down I decided to leave. Thank you all for a well fought fight and I hope to see ya all at the next one. Regardless I will definitely be fighting along side of yall again and maybe even commanding again who knows depends on if the CPLM allow our choppers to land.


Reaper/Warlock Out