Operation: Urgent Gambit

21 - 23 October 2005

Operation: Urgent Gambit was the continuation of Operation: Urgent Harvest put on by Team Blackjack and Georgia Airsoft.  It was held at the Paintballs and More field located in Dalton Georgia. 

Teams Registered for Operation: Urgent Gambit

Unit Fox-Hound H.A.R.M. Ghost Cell Assault Force Recon Cobra
Death Dealers Inc. Shadow Wraiths Rogue Scouts 18th Airborne Rgt Team Llama
Team Blackjack Independents Steel Battalion CTU of Atlanta 1st GA ASL
Chatanooga Advent The Foundation Shadow Company 10th Mountain Division
Wolf Pack A.I.R.S.      


(What we have so far.)

Operation and Mission Outcomes

Overall the points victory went to the Cortanican People's Liberation Movement with a point count of 277 -vs- 235 BUT the Joint Special Operations Task Force Shepard Phoenix did succeed in the end at detonating the three bombs carrying the bio-chemical agent-808.  This will have the long term effect of destroying all of the coca plants on the island and as a result eliminate the major money-making product of the C.P.L.M.  While the Joint Special Operations Task Force Shepard Phoenix did actually accomplish more missions the Cortanican People's Liberation Movement inflicted very heavy casualties on the special forces in the process.


Below is a run down of the missions that were given out to each team.  The individual commanders will be providing AARs that are done from their point of view that will be added to the page as well.

Mission 0:

JSOTFSP:  Part of the force held the main base while reinforcements were flown into DZ Anaconda on the North Western side of the field by CH-47 Chinook.  The reinforcements had to fight their way through the CPLM forces in the area and make it to the main base.

CPLM:  The CPLM became aware of the reinforcements  and sent out their forces to intercept and destroy any of the forces that they could.


Mission 1:

JSOTFSP:  The special forces team was ordered to retrieve the hard drive from the ejection seat of the recon aircraft that was shot down the previous day (Operation: Urgent Harvest).  This mission was successfully completed.

CPLM:  The CPLM were ordered to retrieve any parts of the shot-down F-18 recon plane.  They were able to eventually recover the ejection seat from the plane as a trophy and proof that the American military was meddling in Cortanican affairs.

Mission 2:

JSOTFSP:  In an effort to gain intelligence on the CPLM's local movements the special forces team set out to emplace several remote battle field sensor systems (REMBASS) and a signal repeater so that the intelligence from the sensors could be analyzed by naval analysts on the ships off shore.  The force was able to successfully place three of the sensors and the signal repeater.

CPLM:  The rebels were tasked with placing three 60 mm mortars for use against the special forces task force.  They were able to successfully place all three mortars without the special forces team locating and destroying the assetts.


Mission 3:

JSOTFSP:  The special forces team was tasked with meeting Rico Diaz (Freedom fighter leader) along with two of his lieutenants and escorting them to LZ cobra for extraction.  The team tasked with meeting and extracting the freedom fighters met heavy resistance and were not able to make it to the rendezvous.  Another SF team on another task happened upon the freedom fighter leader and his lieutenants and tried to escort them back to their base camp.  One of the lieutenants was taken out by a sniper not long after the rendezvous.  Afterwards, a single escort, Rico Diaz, and his last lieutenant were ambushed and assassinated while they were approaching the special forces base camp.

CPLM:  The CPLM received orders to locate and assassinate the freedom fighter leader (Rico Diaz) and his lieutenants before they could form an alliance with the U.S. forces on the island.  As described above, they were able to accomplish this mission.


Mission 4:

JSOTFSP:  Intelligence had indicated that the CPLM had several weapons caches hidden in the area.  The SF team was tasked with locating and destroying these caches.  They were able to locate and eliminate two of these caches.

CPLM:  The rebels were able to initially retrieve two of the weapons caches in their area.  Later they successfully captured some of the weapons caches from the SF base camp*.

*  It was later revealed that the weapons cache items at the SF base camp had already been destroyed but were placed there until they could be moved off of the field.  Due to the confusion on this subject both teams were awarded points for successfully completed missions.


Mission 5:

JSOTFSP:  The special forces team was tasked with retrieving those REMBASS sensors that they placed earlier in the operation as they had collected much data and could fall into the hands of the rebels otherwise.  The team was successful in recovering three of the four sensors and the signal repeater.

CPLM:  The rebels needed to deliver ammunition to the mortar positions so that they may call in artillery strikes on the special forces team.  They were able to successfully deliver the one crate of mortar shells that they had.


Mission 6:

JSOTFSP:  Tasked with destroying a bridge that the CPLM forces were heavily using, the special forces team infiltrated the area and successfully destroyed it with an air strike.  This effectively denied it's use to the CPLM forces.

CPLM:  The CPLM received orders to destroy a radio antenna that was being used by the Federal Cortanican military for communications relay.  making it to the area the rebels planted the explosive charge and successfully destroyed the radio antenna.


Mission 7:

JSOTFSP:  The Shepard Phoenix team was tasked with locating and destroying an underground drug lab complex.  They had intelligence that it was somewhere in the area of the airport but met heavy resistance when trying to infiltrate the area to locate the entrance to the lab.  Two air strikes were called into the area which did inflict heavy casualties on the CPLM forces located there but was never enough to actually destroy the underground drug lab.


Mission 8:

JSOTFSP:  With the CPLM forces harassing local villages by raining mortar rounds down on them, the Shepard Phoenix force received orders to locate and destroy these small artillery assets of the Cortanican rebels.   Unfortunately they were unable to complete this mission until they were in the process of trying to quickly evacuate from the island.  Shepard Phoenix troops located the three mortars and ammunition and paused just long enough to blow them up in place and then head to the LZ for evacuation.  A CPLM courier body was also recovered that provided a vital piece of information regarding the future operations of the CPLM rebels.  You can read that vital message here.

CPLM:  When Carlos Soro realized that the message courier that he sent to the CPLM cell in the area did not make it he ordered the local CPLM commander to locate him and get the message he was carrying.  Unfortunately, the courier had been shot by a Yankee sniper and the body (along with the message) was recovered by the American forces operating in the area.


Mission 9:

JSOTFSP:  JSOTFSP received orders to retrieve an airdrop that had occurred at DZ Mamba.  When arriving at the DZ the SF soldiers reported that there was no para-dropped package to be found.  A report from the delivering air crew was then passed stating that wind conditions caused the package to drift quite a distance west of the intended DZ and was actually in the CPLM territory of the area.  JSOTFSP troops then infiltrated the area and recovered the airdropped container.  They then successfully returned it to their base camp.

CPLM:  Upon receiving information that some sort of package had been airdropped to the Yankee forces the CPLM local cell swarmed out into the surrounding area to search for it and engage the enemy forces also searching for their para-dropped package.  While they did inflict heavy casualties on the JSOTFSP forces they did not capture the package before the special forces returned it to their base camp.


Mission 10:

JSOTFSP:  The package that the JSOTFSP troops recovered actually carried three bio-chemical bombs.  Each bomb carried a binary agent known as Agent-808.  Agent-808 was a genetically engineered virus that will attack the coca plant and kill it quickly.  With the three bombs placed correctly and detonated in sync, they would collectively destroy all cocaine production on the island of Cortanica and severly impact the CPLM's main funding.  All three bombs were placed and the JSOTFSP troops began moving for their extraction.  One group paused for a moment to destroy three mortars and ammo on their way to the extraction.  Many were wrapped up in fighting with the CPLM when the bombs detonated.  It is currently unknown how many soldiers were killed or are currently missing in action during that final engagement.

CPLM:  The rebel forces found out through an informant of what the JSOTFSP troops were up to and began sweeping the area in search of the bombs so that they may disarm them and save their financial support for their cause.  While they did not find the bombs in time or stop their detonation they did give the JSOTFSP heavy resistance and dealt a heavy blow to their man power in the process.  They also chased them all the way to their extraction and harassed them all the way to the end.

Sponsors and Raffle Prizes

Team Blackjack would like to thank all of the sponsors that provided prizes for the after-event raffle.

TM-G36c with Charger and Battery, two USP NGBB pistols, Pistol Case, Drop-down pistol holster.


TM Thompson M1A1, with Charger and Battery, Five $25.00 gift certificates.



Glock GBB with Speed Loader and a bottle of Green Gas as a package + 10% off purchase in the store with the event dog tag.


Multiple items of Russian military clothing.  Balaklavas, Vests, etc.


G&G UMG Submachine-gun, Several hats.


WE High Capa 5.1 M Ver 2 Full Metal GBB, Many Stainless Steel Camo Drink Bottles.


Desert Eagle 8mm Long Nose, Five $20.00 Gift Certificates

During Operation: Urgent Gambit Team Blackjack made use of  a new medic system that consisted of colorful cards with different levels of wounds and how long the medic must spend on each casualty to get them back in the game.  Players could receive grazing wounds, flesh wounds and serious wounds, each requiring 1, 3 and 5 minutes respectively, of medic time to get  the player back into the game.  There was also a fatal wound card that meant the medic could not save the player and they had to go respawn. 

The artillery and air strike systems that were first used during Operation: Pandora's Box were also used during Operation: Urgent Gambit.  Both sides used their artillery and/or air strike capabilities very well and to good effect.

One thing that caused an issue during the event were the suicide rules.  In the future, this rule will be eliminated from Team Blackjack operations.

Commander's AAR's  (Currently in the works)

Joint Special Operations Task Force Shepard Phoenix Commander's AAR.

Cortanican People's Liberation Movement Cell Commander's AAR.

Other's AAR's of Operation: Urgent Gambit.


Adam Phillips


For my first airsoft outing I have to say I had a blast!! And will be chomping at the bits for more. You all did a fantastic job putting the whole thing together. The scale of the event was perfect (i'm used to 300+ attended paintball scenarios, same field), the pace steady, the action SWEET. It was nice to meet everybody, put faces with names, etc. Nice to meet Ghost, and guy-with-ghost-whose-callsign-I-forgot. Thanks for sharing the back 40 camp, and the nightstalking NVG excursion. Fallout - awesome AK you have thanks for loaning - sorry if I "weathered" it a little. I'm sure Chuck sent you so that I'd buy his AK. tongue.gif j/k. Great game guys.

Anybody want some T shirts?



Great time ,you guys....Nice shirts too,urban..


D'oh! I was trying to be first, but I'll settle for third wink.gif

Team Llama had a good time. smile.gif Thanks for putting on a great game, Blackjack guys.


Ahh 4th oh well. I had a great time and plan to be back again and again. I really just wanted to thank you all for a great time

~Aphid 7

Well shoot, 5th just won't do. It was the long trip home that put me here...Urbansix, nice meeting you. I was the guy-with-ghost and I highly admire your cannon.

Excellent games and I will definitely be attending next year.

Oh and about the gun I won. Although I had really wanted a bottle, I guess I will settle for a G36. Many thanks Chuck.


~Blood Angel

Nice setup guys can't wait for the next one.  Maybe if I'm the only one to show up next time I'll win an nice gun but then again I doubt it.  I think the event was great. Also think the comm on sf could have been better.  Love to be more involved in that area during planning stages next event.  I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining, I'm not just trying to help in the future. Enjoyed meeting all of you guys, Post Mortem, Blackjack, etc!!!


I had a great time. Thanks to everyone for coming out. Thanks to Blackjack for getting everything together. Looking forward to getting back over to Athens to see y'all again.


Thanks from me and all the Ghost Cell members who attended. It was a good continuation of the story line. Lucky for SF half my guys were missing cause of "issues" or we would have owned you even more ohmy.gif laugh.gif wink.gif


Had a blast. Loved the missions a lot. In that respect, better than Irene III. If we could get Echo5Hotel writing for John Lu, we'd be set. Great action, good times, and a well fought battle. We shall acknowledge the CPLM victory....but still knowing we hosed you for the next one. SF paves the way!

And to all those who's throats I cut after interrogating you, thanks for the fun. biggrin.gif


Thanks for the great games guys. Although there were a few snags and hitches, we were more than impressed with Echo5Hotel and the rest of staff.

Savoy and Guice good to see you're both home OK.

On behalf of all the members of the Foundation and our reserve member I just wanted to tell you guys thanks. We had a blast. We got frustrated. We laughed our arses off. So again I thank you.

Viva La Cortanica

Old SchoolŪ



LOL! Yea, we all had a blast! Great games TBJ!

Oh, and about next year. Gonna be hard for y'all since you will be pinned in your base again! LOL! JK! JK!

SF, you guys fought well. I knew it was going to be close. Good job and better luck next year! wink.gif



Urgent Gambit was great. Oh to the gentleman who loaned me a radio thank you very much. Oh and to all the people who where with us in the back, Postmortem, AFR, RS, and SW and anyone else who I did not mention and to the troops that kept hitting them in the middle while we moved around, yall did great. Also thanks to the medics who kept me alive all to often. biggrin.gif I'm just not used to not being point laugh.gif .

Also a special thank you to TBJ the props where cool as hell and I am glad we finally found them all. tongue.gif Also the story flowed well and was incredible.

Oh yeah I almost forgot the CPLM. Well done to yall as well.

I hope to see you all at the next one.

Reaper Out


A big thank you to Team Blackjack for putting on another awesome event!

We had a great time and I'd have to say that you've stepped things up a notch even from Urgent Harvest. The missions progressed in a cognitive fashion and the props were excellent. One of the high points for me was opening up a crate recovered from a "weapons cache" and instead of finding bricks for weight I was greeted by 6 AKs packed with straw. I had to get people to come over and check it out.

Thanks to all the teams on the CPLM. It was your hard work that carried the day. We'll be hard pressed to find more ways to express unity in the cause with the genuine Cortanican flag and t-shirts we had this year. I ran into some old friends, made some new ones, and hope to see you all back next year.

Thanks for a great game Shepherd Phoenix. I thought we had you after the first day but you just about came back on us in the second. Special thanks to Reaper for taking the JSOTFSP reins at the last minute. I had plenty of time to prepare and still felt overwhelmed at times. Win or lose, I hope everyone had as good a time as I did.

Now I have more stories with which to annoy my friends and family for another year. laugh.gif

Vive Cortanica!


Was a great time. Thanks for hosting an awesome event, I'm sad I skipped out on last years event now.  But Steel Battalion will be back again next year!
O how I loathe the ejection seat.....

A special thanks to our team sponsor and event sponsor Bernie's Sports Center. Bring your dog tag from the event to the store to recieve 10% off purchase (except guns get 5%). www.bernies-sports.com .....the website is a little out of date so come stop in and check what we have.

Steel Battalion Airsoft



You guys put on another great event this year, I had a blast.

Great job to you Reaper for stepping up to the plate and taking control. I really enjoyed working with you guys again! biggrin.gif

Looking forward to the next team blackjack event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~LilJoker -AFR-

Me and my other friend from Missouri had a great time. It was well worth the drive. Most of all I thought the staff did an outstanding job, The reffing was the best I have seen. You guys were constantly on the move never made it obvious as to where people were. Good job guys! Good playing with everyone hopefully we will make the trip again.
-Does anyone have any pictures?


Had a great time and the Blackjack staff was great!!! Can't wait for the next one. biggrin.gif


Yes I would like pictures too if anyone has them.

And like everyone else has said thanks for setting up such a great event. I had lots of fun and met a lot of new people to play airsoft with!