From:  Col. Marcos Soro

To:  All Local CPLM Cell Commanders




Comrads, it is time the Cortanican  People’s Liberation Movement take the fight from our lands and into the lands

of the invaders that plague our country and our freedom.


Our Cuban brothers and their National Liberation Directorate are going to assist the CPLM in doing just that!


Each of my commanders will choose two of their best and brightest fighters and send their names to me by the end

of the month.


These fighters will travel to Cuba where they will be trained by elite members of other revolutionary groups and

members of the Cuban Direccion General de Tropas Especiales (DGTE) in how to conduct effective insurgent

warfare against the imperialists in their own homeland.


These fighters will then be moved into the United States where they will conduct attacks against the American

nation and its people.  The United States will pay for its over-bearing arrogance with the rest of the world as the fighters

of the CPLM bring down their kingdom from the inside!


Terror will reign in the streets and the imperialists will fear to leave their homes by the time our fighters have finished with

their tasks.  Have patience my comrades and know that soon the Americans will pay for their invasion of our land and their

interference of our cause!


Libertad de Cortanica!



Col. Marcos Soro