Operation: Shattered Sword

On 19 June 2004, Team Blackjack elements played in the Operation: Shattered Sword scenario game that was run at the Georgetown field in Dawsonville GA.

Operation: Empty Casket was written by Ronin of Team Ghost Cell and Team Blackjack would like to say "Another good scenario Ronin!  Good work!"

Elements from Team Blackjack that deployed to Operation: Shattered Sword were:

CloudCaptain: Balin Deloach

Tail-Gunner: Chay Butler

Echo5Hotel: Jim Hunsinger

Vox: Dan Davis

Wes Stringer 

James Bias

Team Blackjack took the role of one of the indigenous generic bad guy squads.  The situation was that we had shot down a Blackhawk helicopter but did not actually see it go down.  As a result we were not sure exactly where it was and were searching for the crew so we could finish them off.

Our team began in the town and was surprised to find out that the game was started when another small squad higher up the hill in the town was hit by fire.  We immediately moved across the dam and up the ridge above the dirt hill bunker.  We sat in ambush for 10 - 15 minutes along the ridge while trying to coordinate with the other teams and get their sit reps.  One of the other indigenous teams reported that they had contact at the satellite dish and was requesting assistance.  The team moved toward the satellite dish but made no enemy contact.  There was then radio reports of enemy contact in the maze area of the field so we prepared to move out to that location when Team Blackjack had a real world emergency phone call.  One of the team members father had gone to the hospital.  We were out of the game for 45 minutes to an hour which cost us our situational awareness.

When coming back into the scenario we found ourselves in one hell of a fire fight in the town.  It seems the enemy force moved along the low side of the dam and made their way around the town and to their extraction point.  We tried to get a reactionary force together to intercept the enemy team but could not get enough together in the chaos that seemed to reign in the town at the time.

There was a lot of fratricides gong on on the indigenous forces side, it was a black, BLACK night, our own little issues, pure chaos...It was a great game!!!  I think that was the first scenario game that Team Blackjack has lost.  Oh well, can't win them all I suppose but we had a great time never the less!

So anyway, that's Operation Shattered Sword in a nut shell. Good op Ronin!