Operation: Pandora's Box

04 June 2005

Operation: Pandora's Box was a European terrorist themed airsoft event put on by Georgia Airsoft with assistance from Team Blackjack.  It was held at the Georgia Airsoft field located in Athens Georgia. 

Teams Registered for Operation: Pandora's Box

Unit Fox-Hound Phantom Stalkers Ghost Cell Project Mayhem Ghost Corps
Death Dealers Inc. Shadow Wraiths Rogue Scouts Knights of Honor Team Llama
Team Blackjack Independents: 13 Team Swamp Fox Team Chimaera 1st GA ASL

Operation and Mission Outcomes

Overall the operational victory went to the Free European Front terrorist organization. The Special Operations Joint Task Force Dark Thunder side gave the terrorists a run for their money through out the day however. Both sides fought admirably. All of the players that participated should be proud of their teams and individual accomplishments.

Mission Outcomes

Below is a run down of what occurred during each of the missions. If you have any further information to add to each synopsis, please let me know so I may correct or add to the synopsis.

Mission 1:

SOJTFDT:  The SF team's first mission was to infiltrate the operational area and obtain two water samples from different areas of the water system in the area to ascertain if the water had been contaminated by the deadly Streptococcus-Omega Strain bacterial agent.  They accomplished their mission with much resistance from the terrorists in the area.

F.E.F.:  The F.E.F.'s first mission was to rendezvous with the arms dealer that had the formula for the Streptococcus-Omega Strain bacterial agent.  He also had a map of the locations where three samples of the strain were located.  After some initial difficulty in making the exchange due to the presence of SOJTFDT troops in the area, the deal was complete.

Mission 2:

SOJTFDT:  The SF team receives orders to locate and recover the bio-agent canisters that were hidden by the arms dealer.  They managed to capture one of them and return it to their base camp for evacuation.

F.E.F.:  Upon receiving the map of the locations of the bio-agent canisters, the F.E.F. terrorists began their recovery operation.  hey were able to recover two of the canisters but were unable to recapture the third from the SF soldiers in the area.

Mission 3:

SOJTFDT:  The SF team received orders to locate the lab where the terrorists were believed to be manufacturing more of the Streptococcus-Omega Strain bio-agent.  Eventually they were able to locate the lab near a communications center and were able to call in a successful air strike on the position.  The lab and several terrorists were eliminated as the FA-18E streaked into the area, dropping it's napalm ordinance on the target.

F.E.F.:  The F.E.F. had to fight to secure a grid along the water way so that the pre-requisite materials that they needed for the manufacture of more of the Streptococcus-Omega Strain bio-agent could be delivered.  Once they secured a grid near their village stronghold the boat carrying the barrels of the pre-requisite material was able to make its delivery.  The terrorists then moved the barrels by foot to their bio-lab.


Mission 4:

An E.U. negotiator was taken hostage by the F.E.F.  He was being transferred from one cell of the terrorist organization to another cell.  In the process the SF team received orders to intercept and rescue the E.U. negotiator from the F.E.F. terrorists.  Unfortunately the SF team could not make the intercept in time and the negotiator was escorted all the way to the village stronghold by a pick-up team of F.E.F. terrorists.


Mission 5:

SOJTFDT:  The SF team received orders to capture the leader and / or the leader's lieutenants and evacuate them to the extraction zone.  Unfortunately the SF team was not able to make a clean capture of any of the key leaders in the terrorist cell.

F.E.F.:  The F.E.F. commander outfitted one of his most dedicated troops with a suicide bomb-vest and sent him with a team to infiltrate the counter-terrorist's base camp and detonate the bomb.  After a hard fight, the terrorists managed to get the bomb into the SF base camp and detonate it.  Causing several casualties in the process.


Mission 6:

The SF team received intelligence reports that the terrorists were preparing to launch a small rocket carrying a payload of the Streptococcus-Omega Strain bacterial agent.  The rocket is going to carry the agent into the upper atmosphere and detonate, spreading the bacteria all over the European continent.  The SF team had to locate the target, call in an air strike and designate the target with the laser designator.  Unfortunately they were not able to get within range to designate the target before the terrorists were able to prepare the rocket and launch it into the upper atmosphere.  The detonation did occur.  The results are not yet known...


There were two meal breaks during the day for lunch and dinner.  Food was available for purchase through Georgia Airsoft.  There were hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, chips and drinks on site.

Georgia Airsoft also held a raffle after the dinner break in which several pieces of equipment were given away as well as a Tokyo Marui M4 R.I.S. AEG.  Among the equipment there were also certificates for a days free field fee at Georgia Airsoft and certificates for free entry to any major Georgia Airsoft / Team Blackjack Airsoft event.

After Mission 6 was completed the light levels were too low to run effective and safe missions in the woods.  Lights were run out to the town and CQB games were run into the night until approximately 2230 - 2300 (1030 - 1100 PM).


Over all the feedback we received was that everyone had a good time which is our goal.  It seemed that everyone liked the new artillery and air strike systems we incorporated into this scenario.  We will be working on polishing the procedures for doing these so that they may be used easily and as quickly as possible.

We want to thank all that came to the event and made it such a success.  We thank those of you who have provided constructive criticism on the scenarios and over all game.   We hope to see you all at our future events as we continue to improve the experience of scenario airsoft.