Operation: Opposing Eagles

12 -13 February 2005

Operation: Opposing Eagles was a World War II themed airsoft event put on by Georgia Airsoft with assistance from Team Blackjack.  It was held at the Georgia Airsoft field located in Athens Georgia.  Saturday consisted of the scenario games running up into the night and Sunday being open for free skirmishing.  There were 78 players on the field during the operation!

Teams Registered for Operation: Opposing Eagles

Unit Fox-Hound Team Fuzion Ghost Cell Mudboys N.B.K.
Rice Paddy Daddies Shadow Wraiths 18th ABN S.T.A.G. W.C.C.S.
Team Blackjack Independents: 35 10th MTN DIV Team Chimaera  

Operation and Mission Outcomes

Overall the operational victory went to the Axis side. The Allied side gave the Nazi troops a hell of a fight in every scenario however. Both sides fought admirably. All of the players that participated should be proud of their teams and individual accomplishments.

Mission Outcomes

Below is a run down of what occurred during each of the missions. If you have any further information to add to each synopsis, please let me know so I may correct or add to the synopsis.

Mission 1: D-Day Invasion

Allied troops landing on the beach and having to take the bunker complex on the higher ground held by Axis forces.

Mission start:  The allied forces exited their beach landing craft, higgins boats, and quickly dispersed on the beach.  The fight was intense and raged on for a good 30 minutes before the allied forces finally stormed the complex and took it over.

Mission 2: Blitzkreig

Territory capture.

Mission start:  Axis forces stormed out onto the field to capture as much territory as they could.  They swept through small pockets of Allied resistance in various areas of the field until they pushed the allies back to the mid-field area.  There the fight ground to a standstill over no-mans-land as both sides tried to break the front lines.  Then the Axis, forming all of their auto gunners into a single squad pushed through the front lines and drove the allies even further back.  By the end of the scenario the Axis held about 85% of the field territory.

Mission 3: Hidden Arrow

Propaganda Attack, the Axis is planning to launch the new V-4 rocket into London.  The Allied force must capture the rocket and the control bunker, reprogram the rocket to hit Berlin instead and launch the rocket.  Failing that they must destroy the rocket and/or the control bunker.

Mission start:   The Allied forces came on hard on this mission and the fire fights around the control bunker were absolutely intense.  The Axis managed to hold them back long enough to plot the solution for the rockets target and launch it.  Unfortunately the solution had an error and instead of striking downtown London, it struck a German destroyer in the English channel.  The ship sunk, killing many German crew members and putting the spot light on the Axis commander in charge of the launch site.

Mission 4: Lion in Peril

At dusk the Axis forces sweep the area looking for allied radiomen to capture and interrogate while the Allied forces search for lost intelligence and attempt to rescue a prisoner who has vital information that would be worth much to the Nazis.

Mission start:  Due to the darkness there was not as much fire-fighting going on in this mission.  Several patrols moved around each other through the field and some of the Allied forces got near the town and the objective of rescuing the P.O.W.  Most of the mission was quiet until the last few minutes when a bayonet charge was mounted by the allied forces.  There were also reports of an allied attempted flanking move that was stopped when a large Axis force plowed into them and caused mass casualties.


After the scenarios there was a costume contest for those who dressed for the period.  All of the contestants were very impressive and made it very hard for the Blackjack officers to choose a winner.  On the Axis side, the Axis commander (Joseph Schibi) won.  On the Allied side Matthew Enderlein had an airborne troop uniform that was absolutely great .


I'd like to thank everyone for coming out and making this event a great one!  

Special thanks goes out to Sam and Josh for helping on Friday and to Sam's father for helping out Friday and Saturday.  

Glad to see several returning teams like the Rice Paddy Daddies, Shadow Wraiths and Unit Fox-Hound. It was great have'n you guys return. It was also great have'n out all the new teams and independents for this one.

Hats off to John Simpson for leading the Allied team and Joseph Schibi for leading the Axis team. You guys did a tremendous job holding the troops together and keeping the game flowing.

Those that dressed for the event added a lot to the games atmosphere. The uniforms were top-notch!  
Fallout, I guess you were sent by mother Russia to keep an eye on the capatalist comrades in the West. They said you really kept your squads go'n just like in "Enemy at the Gates".  

I hope everyone had a great time, lots of fun and a safe trip back home. I also hope to see all of you at our future events. It will probably be a little longer between this one and the next one.

Everyone take care till then.

Chuck Thornton

Georgia Airsoft
Team Blackjack


Feedback From the Event

For being my first Airsoft event, this was a blast.

Thanks to Chuck and everyone at Team Blackjack for hosting; Thanks to Savoy6 for leading us so well; Thanks to Fallout for being such a nutjob; Thanks to Robert for telling me what to do during the last game (because I had no clue what to do); Thanks to the guy that didn't shoot me at close range when he stormed my bunker; Thanks to everyone that stood alongside me; Thanks to everyone that stood against me; and special thanks to the Axis soldier that searched me, Matt and Josh, but didn't bother to stop for my intel pack.

I'm gonna cry next time I play MOH Frontline because this was so much fun. I look forward to attending another Blackjack event in the future.



Yes. This was an awesome way to make my way into airsoft scenarios. It was TONS of fun!!
~ Sam Stone

Guys, I had a great time at this, my very first airsoft game. It was an absolute blast(!) and waaaaayyy better than that other sport....
Super huge thanks go to Dan, Chuck, Matt, Jim, and whoever else I'm forgetting (I warned ya' I was lousy with names!) for all the obvious hard work in putting this event together. Great job, guys! The field, the structures, the props....awesome job, well done!

I'd also like to thanks those I ran with, yelled at, and shot at...great fun all around. Yes, even zee krauts.
Thanks for the compliment, Highway. Right back at ya!

Finally, special thanks go to those who really put the effort into their costumes. You know who you are.
I will most definitely be back for the next one, and hopefully I won't be just getting over being sick next time and can play the whole weekend without wheezing and gasping like some old geezer.....

I should have some pictures up by mid-week or so.
Take it from this old vet....If you missed this game, you missed out.

~ Fallout

A big thank-you to all of the staff for putting on an EXCELLENT event. Great field, great planning, great scenarios, just all around airsoft goodness. I am definitely impressed with Georgia Airsoft/Team Blackjack and hope to be back again some day.
Also, thanks to John for leading us up the beach and into the heartland of Germany. Also to Herr Kommandant, for giving us something to shoot at.   And to every other GI or Soldat out there!
Thanks guys!!

~ Capt Kane

Thanks to everyone that came out ,Axis and Allies.both my step-kid and i had a great time.props to chuck and team blackjack for the great scenarios and running a great op.can't wait for the next one....pacific....please????

~ Savoy6

Yea, thanks to all who made this event possible. I know I had a blast in spite of the gun problems that plagued a few of us all day. Thanks Titan for running with me most of the day.

P.s. Titan, that's Mr. Craptastic to you...

~ JBRanger

Snake here,
To team Blackjack for a wonderful event we here at the Shadow Wraiths had a great time.
To my noble and worthy opponent, Savoy6 It was an honor tomatch your skills sir.
To the allied side Good job with the uniforms those of you who dressed up for the event. And good fighting gentlemen you really made us work for it.
To the Axis side thankyou for following orders and pushing as hard as you did on all missions. You should consider yourselves honorable heer of the Fatherland. From a greatful Commander I thankyou.
And Special thanks to fallout for loaning me his german stuff it really made the costume. I hope I can recipricate the favor sir.

See you next time gentlemen
Snake out

Lt. Col. Snake
Shadow Wraiths Commander

This was the first big event that I have ever attend. it was great and I want to thank everyone who listen to me on the field. Hats off to you savoy, I was glad to serve under you. Col. snake you were a tuff commander to fight, you led your men with the fireceness of a bulldog, and didn't give us two many weakness to exploit. I also salute teamblack Jack for hosting the event and it was top notch gentlemen, It was the best game I have ever played.
I led the bayonet charge and died in the front, to the germans who took me down, Next time you dirty krauts.  

Hope there will be another one like it.

~ Sgt York