H.A.F.F. (Happy Airsoft Family Funtime)

19 - 20 March 2005

H.A.F.F. or Happy Airsoft Family Fun-time ended up being an absolutely great game to play in it was an absolute blast for all of  Team Blackjack and associates that attended.  Team Blackjack members that deployed were:

Jim Hunsinger  (Echo5Hotel)
A.J. Stanfield  (Sixgun)
Dan Davis (DLOC)
Bill Wicks  (BillWill)
Matt Coward  (Crow)
Matt Harris  (Titan)

Also in attendance with Team Blackjack was Sam Stone (TBJ Mercenary), his father Greg and Fallout (Keith) from the forums.  Other teams in attendance that TBJ associates with was was Team Llama and the Shadow Wraiths that were unfortunately on the other side.  Always good gaming with both of these teams!

Friday night team members and associates all arrived at the Holiday Inn Express in Dothan.  Saturday morning we arrived at the field and prepared.  We were to be the Uzbekistani Rebels.  While we were called the Uzbekistani Rebels there was really no scenario to be played out so that was really just our team title.  We were opposing the U.S. Army team.  In the middle of all of us there was a small team known as the R.C.M.S. or as I understand it, the Royal Canadian Mounted Spetznaz.  This group consisted of about three guys that harassed both sides of the over-all conflict.

The entire game day was played out in two long sessions.  One in the morning and one in the afternoon running into the evening with a lunch break in between.  Each session had three objective points that were spread through out the field area.  One was the main bridge over the pond.  One was a small area marked off in "the maze" (An area of trails criss-crossing through a predominantly pine tree populated area with sufficient underbrush to make for some interesting fire fights).  The last objective point was the court house in Dodge-City.  This last objective point seemed to be the one that was the most fought over through-out the event.

During the morning session the rebels staging and respawn area was in the corner area of the large pond.  Once the game began we quickly captured the bridge objective due to it's close proximity.  The fast movers on the team then swept forward and in fairly short order also seized Dodge-City.  Most of  the rest of the morning session was spent defending our two captured points from the Army side.  The Army managed to take Dodge-City back from the rebels with a small force remaining after the combat.  The rebels were then able to move back in and recapture the town with only light resistance.  The rebels made a few half-hearted attacks on the maze objective point during this time that were successfully repelled by the Army side.  As the morning session was winding down the rebels launched an assault on the maze objective point and after an intense fire fight managed to take the point.  They managed to hold the three objectives until the end of the morning session.

There was then an hour and a half lunch break.  Most of the team went to Taco Bell while there was a stand available with hot dogs, polish sausages and cold drinks on site.

After lunch the spawn points were traded and the rebels re-spawned in an area called king of the hill.  The objective points remained the same.  At the beginning of the game the rebels captured the maze objective point quickly due to it's close proximity to the spawn point.  The Army on the other hand had done as the rebels did in the morning session and quickly secured the bridge and then rushed forward to secure Dodge-City as well.  During this session the Army and the rebels traded ownership of the bridge and the maze objective points.  The biggest point of contest however was the town.  Much intense fire-fighting occurred in that area.  Eventually the rebels managed to get a foot hold in the northern end of  the town and then forced it's way through to capture it.  This was made possible by a diversionary attack on the bridge which ended up being more successful than expected and had the bridge getting captured for a short time as well.  The bridge was retaken by the Army while the rebels solidified their hold on the town.  There was a little confusion over the spawn points and areas that were allowed to be traversed that caused a slow down in the afternoon session but it was eventually squared away.  The rest of the session consisted of the rebels holding what they had (The Maze and Dodge-City) against the Army as they hit area after area.  Finally, in the last moments of the game the rebels swept down on the bridge area and managed to take it.

Over all the rebels won the day but not easily.  The Army made us work for every kill and every point captured.   There were lots of great fire fights and ambushes through-out the day lots of good sportsmanship and not many arguments or issues at all.

During the raffle a few of our members had one some small things like bags of  BB's but the grand prize of a TM AK-47 was won by our Dan Davis (DLOC) who had been wanting one for about the past year..  Congratulations Dan!

On the second day we stayed for the springer games which was very fun.  We each received two springers due to the low turn out for the second day.   The fights were different but very intense and a load of fun.

The event was great, the field was great, the sportsmanship was great, the company was great!   It was well worth the drive to play in the event.  A big thanks goes out to Pikachoad for his putting the event on and to Dothan Survival Games for hosting the event.