Redneck Rumble / Operation: Grim Dragon

On 17 and 18 April, 2004 Georgia Airsoft and Team Blackjack hosted a dual event, Redneck Rumble and Operation: Grim Dragon in Athens Georgia.

Georgia Airsoft and Team Blackjack would like to thank everyone that came out and made both events a lot of fun!  Everyone had a blast with the scenarios and the skirmishes that we ran on both days.  The springer event was a lot of fun and there were some serious fire fights during the Operation: Grim Dragon missions.

So how did everything go?  Not to bad considering that the entire dual-event was an experiment into something different and a change of genre.  There was not a really big turnout for the Redneck Rumble portion of the game but for those that did arrive we had an absolute blast.  Using nothing but springers we fought back and forth through the field and it got really intense in the Big Town!  Valiant charges and mad minutes were abundant in the town with a lot of close quarters fighting.  In the end, everyone walked away with a smile and some stories to tell.  Everything from springer pistols to hard-ballers to a new, stock VSR-10 sniper rifle was used during the skirmishes.

After the springer events it was decided by all present to play some warm up scenarios which were created off-the-cuff and ended up being so much fun that we ran random scenarios deep into the night and then CQB games in the big town until everyone was exhausted. 

Sunday morning began with a small prize give-away of the springer weapons provided by Airsoft Atlanta.  Directly after the springer give-away we started the day with several springer fights in the Big Town and on Bunker Hill/Communications Center. 

About mid-day we ran the first scenario of Operation: Grim Dragon.  The mission was long but furious.  STF Glass Fox fought their way all the way from the Big Town to the far corner of the lake near the small town to get soil and water samples from the suspected contaminated area.  The mission ended with STF Glass Fox holding their LZ as they awaited extraction.  The mercenary security force struck hard from two different directions as STF Glass Fox popped orange smoke and returned fire until their helicopter arrived and lifted them to safety.  It was a furious fire fight with a high pucker factor!

The second scenario had STF Glass Fox trying to rescue a downed recon helicopter pilot who was wounded.  The team fought there way through the mercenaries and quickly located the downed pilot.  The medics stabilized the badly wounded pilot on site and then loaded him onto the stretcher.  The team then fought there way back to their LZ and awaited the dustoff. 

The rest of the prizes were then given away.  The great prizes provided by our sponsors were as follows:

Prizes provided by Airsoft Atlanta

- 2 Auto Hardballer Springer Shotguns

- DPMS Springer Assault Rifle


Prizes provided by Airsoft Extreme

-  Several Airsoft Extreme Ball Caps

-  3 3-Point Tactical Slings

-  2 $50.00 Airsoft Extreme Gift Certificates

-  1 KWC Springer Glock Pistol

-  1 KSC Compact USP GBB Pistol


All in all, everyone seemed to have a great time and went home with a smile on their face.   See the pics and movies.

Again, Thank you to everyone who came out and had a good time and a big thanks to our sponsors: