Operation: Snake Charmer

Operation: Snake Charmer was an airsoft event put on by Georgia Airsoft with assistance from Team Blackjack.  It was held at the Georgia Airsoft field located in Athens Georgia.  Saturday consisted of the scenario games running up into the night for the final night mission and Sunday being open for free skirmishing.

Teams Registered for Operation: Snake Charmer

Unit Fox-Hound Team Fuzion Direct Action SOCOM Steel Battalion
Rice Paddy Daddies Rogue Operatives Shadow Wraiths Delta 2 Ghost Cell
Team Blackjack Independents: 7      

Operation and Mission Outcomes

Overall the operational victory went to the V.C. / N.V.A. side with a point total of 80. The U.S. / A.R.V.N. gave the communist troops a hell of a fight with a point total of 75. Both sides fought hard and honorably. All of the players that participated should be proud of their teams and individual accomplishments.

Mission Outcomes

Below is a run down of what occurred during each of the missions. If you have any further information to add to each synopsis, please let me know so I may correct or add to the synopsis.

Mission 1: Operation Heavy Hammer 1965

The first major engagement between US and NVA forces during the conflict. US military planners have devised a plan to bring the NVA forces out into a large open battle. If successful they will lure the NVA into a head to head battle in the Il Nung Valley.

The US/ARVN team started in the Nug Thu Army Base (Town) and the NVA/VC forces started at their jungle camps just on the other side of the Il Nung Valley (Field #4). Both teams received 2 point for each enemy they successfully sent back to the re-spawn.

Mission start:  The US/ARVN team quickly moved out of their base and headed for the valley. Just as they reached the other side of the swamp surrounding the base they were hit by VC scouts set to ambush them. The VC scouts did an excellent job of holding the US forces back as the main NVA body moved in for a flanking attack from the South. A small group of only 5 VC held off the entire US/ARVN team for 20 minutes. This allowed the main NVA body to hit them hard from the US/ARVN right flank.
US/ARVN forces quickly regrouped and repelled the NVA attack and pushed the VC off the hill they used for the ambush. They moved skillfully through the valley and pushed the NVA back to fortifications located on the other side of the valley. By this time the NVA had received reinforcements and held the US/ARVN from pushing any further.

At the end of the mission both teams had inflicted the same number of casualties: 25 each! The casualties would have been higher but medics from both teams did a great job of healing players and keeping them from having to go back to the re-spawn. Mission 1 ended with both teams tied at 50 points each. It was a heck of a good battle with both teams revealing they were evenly matched. The following missions would reaffirm that.

Mission 2: Operation Ball Room Dance. 1967

US and ARVN forces seek out and destroy VC supply caches in the area of operations.

The US/ARVN team started in the local village of Yi Tho. Their objective was to destroy as many of the VC weapons caches as they could find. They would receive 5 points for each destroyed cache. The VC team started in the jungle surrounding the village (Field #3) in several groups so they could defend the caches. They would receive 5 points for every cache they defended until the end of the mission.

Mission start:  The US/ARVN team was not certain of the number of enemy caches in the area but knew they had to destroy as many as they could find. They headed out of the village and moved cautiously into the jungle. The VC team failed to set up an ambush at the edge of the jungle and it cost them. US/ARVN forces were able to push through the jungle and quickly come across the first weapons cache. The VC did not give it up easily. They inflicted a few casualties on the attackers but failed to move up and keep the US/ARVN team from planting their explosives.
The second weapons cache was not defended at all. The US/ARVN forces destroyed it and quickly moved on to the next. They did an excellent job of spreading out their forces to move the entire width of the field. That made it easier for them to locate the VC weapons caches and quickly move soldiers to flank any VC they encountered.
At the third weapons cache the VC put up a little more resistance but again they failed to defend by placing forces around it. Instead they chose to let the US/ARVN forces close around it and engaged them from a distance.
The “explosives” used to destroy the weapons cache had a danger zone of 20 feet. Unfortunately one poor ARVN soldier ran up to notice he had only 3 seconds to reach safe distance. He didn’t make it and was lost in the explosion. Back to the re-spawn he goes.
The VC where dug in around the fourth weapons cache. This was the only one they had decided to defend by keeping the enemy away. Unfortunately the US/ARVN team had a large force sweeping down from the front and more flanking from the left. The VC reinforcements could not get into the battle in time to save the last weapons cache. The US/ARVN team destroyed it ending the game and coming way with 20 well earned points.

At the end of Mission 2 the total score stood at: US/ARVN 70 NVA/VC 50

Mission 3: Operation Circle the Wagons! 1967

Convoy Attack

US Firebase Yellow was due to receive supplies from an ARVN supply convoy later in the day. Unfortunately Charlie had an ambush set up and attacked the convoy before it reached the firebase. The US/ARVN team was tasked to rescue the convoy and get as many of the supplies to the firebase as possible. There were 12 supplies total and each was worth 5 points if successfully taken to the supply base. The VC team was tasked with stopping the US/ARVN team from getting the supplies to the firebase and they would receive 5 points for each supply they took back to the village of Tuy Nhon (Town). The VC team also had the option of attacking and capturing Firebase Yellow to receive 15 points if they held it to the end of the mission (they did not know they would receive points for doing so). The US team could re-capture FB Yellow and receive 10 points for doing so.
This mission started out with the US/ARVN team split into 3 smaller teams. A US team of 5 started at Firebase Yellow (Bunker Hill), a group of 5 reinforcements started at the US/ARVN re-spawn station (far end of Field #4) were the US/ARVN team would re-spawn, and the remaining group of players made up the ARVN convoy that was ambushed while transporting supplies to FB Yellow. The VC forces started about 100 feet way from the ARVN convoy and surrounded it on 3 sides. They would re-spawn in a nearby VC controlled village of Tuy Nhon (Town).
The mission started as though the ambush had already happened several minutes before and the survivors had sent out a distress call.

Mission start:   The VC team started hitting the ARVN team right away. The US reinforcements coming from the South (Field #4) would not be arriving for another 5 minutes.
Unfortunately for the US team at FB Yellow they only left one player to defend. The VC commander moved with some of his forces toward the FB and overheard the US players discussing leaving only one player for defense. He decided to capitalized on the moment and the VC swarmed the FB taking control of it. Now the US/ARVN forces had to fend off the VC and retake the FB too.
Once the US reinforcements from the FB and the South joined up with the ARVN convoy they pressed north hugging the field tapeline. They successfully gathered all 12 of the supplies so the VC could not capture them. The group worked well moving toward the FB and kept their reinforcements coming while guarding their left flank from any VC attacks.
The US/ARVN movement toward the FB took time. The VC used this time to build up a good defense of FB Yellow. The VC dug in effectively using the trenches ringing the top of the hill and spreading out to blunt attacks coming from all directions. Once the US/ARVN team reached the FB they concentrated their attack on the East side.
In the end the VC successfully held the FB denying the US/ARVN team of any points for the mission. The VC received 10 points for capturing and holding FB Yellow until the end of the game.

At the end of Mission 3 the NVA/VC team had closed the point gap to only 10. Total points standing at the end of Mission 3: US/ARVN 70 NVA/VC 60.

Mission 4: Operation Dark Thunder 1968

NVA Attack on US Mortar Positions

3 US mortar teams had been giving NVA supply lines fits as they moved through the area. The NVA commander decided to eliminate the thorn in his side by seeking out and destroying the US mortars.
The NVA team would receive 5 points for each mortar destroyed and the US team would receive 5 points for each mortar position remaining at the end of the mission.
The US team started out with 4 man teams manning the mortar positions. The mortars were located on Hill 325 (Bunker Hill), near AO Mexico, and at the lakeside mortar pit. The remaining US force was located in their nearby base camp (Town) which also served as their re-spawn. The NVA forces started in the surrounding jungle (Field #4). The far flag station on field #4 served as their re-spawn.

Mission start:  The US forces quickly moved to protect their mortar positions. They moved the majority of their forces to protect the mortar position on Hill 325 and at AO Mexico. The mortar position located near the lake was bravely defended by its lone crew of 4 for several minutes before a larger force of VC finally overran them. It was the first mortar to be destroyed. The US commander quickly rallied and concentrated his forces to keep the reinforcement route open from their main base and set up strong defenses at the two remaining mortars. The defending US forces at AO Mexico clashed head to head with the VC onslaught moving on their mortar position. They held off several of the VC attacks for over 30 minutes before finally being pushed back to Hill 325 and loosing the mortar.
Now the US team had only one objective left that they were certain to defend to the end. They dug in determined to pay back the VC team for loosing FB Yellow in the previous mission. The VC hit the defended positions on Hill 325 hard but in the end the US team held the last mortar at the end of the mission.
This mission by far had the most climatic fights! The US team was determined to hold the first two mortars and the NVA team was determined to destroy them.
In the end the US team held the mortar on Hill 325 and received 5 points. The VC were able to destroy the other two mortar positions and received 10 points.

At the end of Mission 4 the total score stood close at: US/ARVN 75 NVA/VC 70

Mission 5: Operation Thunder Run 1969

US Night Assault on NVA Supply City

US intelligence knows the NVA are using the Cambodian city of Lu Nuhg (Town) to store much needed supplies before sending them into South Vietnam. US planners decided it was worth the risk and political turmoil it would bring to eliminate the City as a vital NVA supply depot.
This mission gave players a new environment: Night Action! No one was allowed to use NVG’s better than Gen. 1. The town was dimly lit by small electric lanterns and the moon was still providing some light even through the cloudy sky.
The US team started at the outskirts of the city. The NVA set up in defensive positions throughout the city.
There were no re-spawns or medics for this mission. Once hit you were out. The players played it safer in this mission.
I used my NVG’s to help with refereeing and to keep a close eye on what was going on during the assault.

Mission start:  The NVA team had spread out their defenses well and set up ambushes on the main approaches to the city. Unfortunately the clouds cut down on the moon light enough for the US team to effectively sneak through the shadows and penetrate the outer areas of the city.
The first US players entered the city from the North and actually passed less than 30 feet from the NVA guard posted to cover that area (That’s what makes night action so cool!). One player made it to the second building in before he turned to see who was making noise to his right. He moved closer to see what the noise was and shots were fired. The player making the noise called hit and left the field. Friendly Fire! Another US player had moved in behind him and to his right without him knowing it. The NVA guard was now alerted to intruders in the city but he stayed put.
More US forces moved up into the outer buildings of the North section of the city. A small firefight ensued between the now alert NVA guard and 2 US soldiers infiltrating the city. The NVA guard was eliminated. The NVA now began to shift a few players toward that side of town to stop the infiltrators. A few of the US players were eliminated, this time by the enemy, as the NVA moved defenders around to stop them.
Two US players were successful in quietly sneaking up on one NVA and forcing him to surrender. Unfortunately they were both soon eliminated by fire from both the enemy and friendly forces.
The US team was successful in taking over Ľ of the city but they failed to capture it. “Friendly Fire” ended up being the main cause of the US defeat in this mission. I must say I did admire the strong pushes that they made. The buildings the did take were skillfully captured.
The NVA did a great job of holding the rest of the town. Most of their forces were concentrated toward the middle and the US team never was able to penetrate the defenses there.

At mission end the NVA team received 10 points for successfully holding the city.


The Total Point standing for the Event was: US/ARVN 75 NVA/VC 80


In conclusion I must say this was one of the best events I have run and it was all due to the players. The sportsmanship was outstanding. Both teams were made up of several teams and individuals. It is extremely tough to take players that have never played together, much less know each other, and form an outstanding team. It happened for both teams in this event. The game play was even across the board. Both teams had excellent leadership and teamwork. The competition was well matched and that is evident in the final score.
Some of the firefights were historic. I saw lots of great moves and good decisions made. Players grouped, moved and pushed. Other players grouped and held under 3 to 1 odds.
There were even some funny moments. I will never forget the player walking up to see the C4 counter at less than 3 seconds. His eyes got wide as golf balls. He tried his best to clear the blast area but the poor guy just didn’t make it. =D
Once again I’m glad to have been able to put on this event for all of the great players and teams that showed up. Equal credit for the event must also be given to Team Blackjack for all of the hard work they did to make this event possible. Special thanks to Jim and Dan for helping referee the missions. I hope it will be a memorable for you all as it was for me. I also hope to see all of you again for the next event at Georgia Airsoft. Till then, take care!

Chuck Thornton

Georgia Airsoft
Team Blackjack


Feedback From the Event

Chuck that was an awesome day of game play. I personally had a blast playing on the VC side. US team well done, you took a lot of different teams and age groups and gave us a good run for the money on our home field. I'd also like to say Gary, Todd, Joe, Charlotte, and a host of others on our side that it was great playing with you and I hope you will come back to the field in the near future. As usual there was a minimum of complaining and problems with a Georgia Airsoft/Team Blackjack event. This is because we run a tight ship, keep the operational tempo moving and try to keep it fun at the same time. If this is the last big airsoft hurrah of the year than I'd say we did it right. For all you guys that frequent the forums that missed out on this....your loss...don't make the same mistake next time...and enjoy the pictures.

Titan ~ Team Blackjack


A Positive and Knowledgable Staff, Quick and To The Point Reffing, Energetic Mission tempo that was well planned and scipted, and a exhilirating and well designed field all made this a wonderful event to be a part of. Young and old, beginner and old hand all should find any Georgia Airsoft/Team Blackjack event a good time worth having.
The diverse mix of people made for learning and sharing that lead to a wonderful time for all. It is good to see so many folks of so many backgrounds and from different locations to come together for some good, clean fun.....even if it is to shoot plastic bb's at each other in a "war" game.
See you all on Game Day Sundays and Any Scenario Events!!

Good Gaming,

P.S. To any of you out there reading this who didn't make it or haven't registered to the forum.....Get Registered and Involved we all want to see new faces with big smiles on them when you get to run around the woods for the first time with mil sim bb "guns" screaming with your "war" face spraying bb's on full auto....just watch out for that quiet guy behind you!!


I want to say Thanks to everyone from Team Blackjack that was at this scenario. I enjoyed playing with you guys. Although just to be able to shoot ya once in the back would have been a blast too, other than that, I still had fun. I enjoyed the determination of Team Blackjack. I found I had more energy during this scenario than the last. I believe it has to do with the determination that Team Blackjack throws at everyone. I want to Thank team US for putting up a good resistance. You kept all of us on our toes. All in All A big Thanks to Chuck at Georgia Airsoft, I enjoyed your field, and am grateful that we were welcomed, and I will return again.

Shadow Ghost ~ Rogue Operators

Well, I guess Titan beat me to it and pretty much said everything I would. Team Blackjack had a great time. Thank you to Georgia Airsoft for putting on the event. Great job Chuck! To all of the teams and independent players, thank you for coming out and making the event such a success. Shadow Wraiths and Rogue Operators, this was Team Blackjack's second time gaming with yall and it has always been a pleasure. Yall did a great job on the VC/NVA side. We'll be happy to take the field with yall anytime.
To all of the independents that played in the event, congratulations on a job well done while incorporating yourselves into the existing teams which is often a difficult task to accomplish.
To the U.S. side, yall put up one hell of a fight through all the scenarios. You provided a dynamic and ongoing challenge throughout the day. Talon, good job of bringing the teams that played on the U.S. side all together into an effective force to be dealt with on the field. Always a pleasure to game with you as well.

Again, Team Blackjack had a blast. There was no scenario that either side took easily and the end score was only a 5 point difference! The fire fights were intense and the maneuvering fast paced. Thank you to everyone who made Operation: Snake Charmer another successful airsoft milsim event.

Hope to see you all at the next event!

Echo5Hotel  ~ Team Blackjack

That was amazing. This event made my weekend, US forces lost, why? why? WHY!!!!!!!! Anyway thanks to everyone who made this event possible and to all the great sportsmanship. Cant wait till the next one!!!!!!


Thanks alot guys that was a great game both U.S. and V.C. we both put up a hell of a fight.  Chuck, you did a great job. Great job leading us Talon. Hope to see all yall at the next game or event had a great time at this 1 . I would also love to see a ww2 game. How did the game play on sunday go?

Rebel ~ Rice Paddy Daddies

Gentlemen and Ladies, The weekend was great, thanks to a well-oiled military machine made up of Chuck and the Blackjack members. The action was great and most definitely kept us on our toes. Thank you Team Fox-Hound for the extremely long drive to get to the event, (luckily ours was only four and a half hours). Loved the field and all of the time spent on obstacles, bunkers, towns and everything else those darn US GI's hid behind while slaughtering the brave people of the Republic of ....oops, slipped into the persona again, my apologies. The scenario was great and we plan on coming back the first chance we get. The teams were a lot of fun to game with as well as the individuals that made it out. Thanks everyone.

Gecko ~ Rogue Operatives

I was expecting another great event at Georgia Airsoft and I wasn't disappointed. The field was great. The scenarios were well balanced, well thought out, and loads of fun. It was definitely worth the drive up from Jacksonville.

To Team US:

You guys really made me proud how you stepped up when we needed it. Even though a lot of you guys had springers and some had only played a few times before, you really gave the VC a tough battle. House and Deja, you guys did great as Alpha and Bravo leaders getting the guys into positions and motivated. Team Fox-Hound, you guys were given the impossible tasks and you never complained. If it weren't for your valiant defense of the mortar pit, we wouldn't have had time to build our defense of Bunker Hill. You all displayed a can-do attitude.

I enjoyed working with you guys and I couldn't have asked for you guys to give any more than you showed me out there. You far exceeded my expectations and I hope that I was able to meet your expectations as your leader.

To Team VC:

I have played with many of you before. I expected a great challenge from your side and I wasn't disappointed! Despite your fewer players, your tactics and determination made you a solid force for us to fight. Your game play was nothing less than honorable and fair. I really enjoyed how you guys really got into character.

I look forward to the next event at Georgia Airsoft and playing with you guys. Thanks again to all you guys on Team US for all your efforts, Team Blackjack for your game support, and especially Chuck for the time and effort you put into this great event.

Talon ~ Direct Action