Operation: Urgent Harvest

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Team Blackjack just wants to thank all of the players that braved the possible bad weather and adverse conditions and came out to Operation: Urgent Harvest and made it a great success.

As it turned out we had great weather for the event and only had to contend with losing the northern end of the field because of the bridges getting washed out that gave us access to that part of the field. As a result we quickly revamped the missions that we needed to and drove on with the op.

A special thank you to those players that were in that creek with the staff members late Friday night, getting soaked trying to create some way to safely cross that creek/river.

We really enjoyed and had fun putting on the event for the players and we hope the players had even more fun than that.

We want to also thank our sponsors; Georgia Airsoft, Airsoft Atlanta, Airsoft Extreme and Blazing Toys that also helped make the event something to remember. We want to thank Regulators Outpost Paintball for allowing us to run the event there and we would like to thank Georgia Airsoft again for providing BBs and green gas during the event.

For those who were not able to make it to the event, we hope to see/meet you at one of our future operations or next year's "Operation: Urgent XXX?"

Operation and Mission Outcomes

Overall the operational victory went to Special Task Force Shepard Phoenix with a point total of 140. The Cortanican People's Liberation Movement gave the Special Forces troops a hell of a fight with a point total of 97. Both sides fought hard and honorably. All of the players that participated should be proud of their teams and individual accomplishments.

Mission Outcomes

Below is a run down of what occurred during each of the missions. If you have any further information to add to each synopsis, please let me know so I may correct or add to the synopsis.

Mission 1 Chaos Waltz

Chaos Waltz had the STF Shepard Phoenix (STF SP) side para-dropping into the Independent Republic of Cortanica.  Their weather intelligence however was wrong and they encountered strong winds which scattered the troops over the area.  The Cortanican People's Liberation Movement (C.P.L.M.) rebels moved into the area but were not deployed quick enough to effectively stop the STF Shepard Phoenix soldiers from establishing a base camp and defensive perimeter on the eastern edge of the area.

Mission 2 Barbed Net

Barbed Net had the C.P.L.M. rebels collecting cocaine caches from pre-designated collection points that the local peasants use to deliver the cocaine that they are forced to process by the C.P.L.M.  The rebels were able to secure three of the five caches while the STF SF team were able to locate and burn two of the caches.  The STF SP also managed to disable the C.P.L.M.'s tactical vehicle by getting a hand grenade into the back of the vehicle.   Each cache consisted of 10 bags of "cocaine".  With the C.P.L.M. collecting a total of 30 bags they received enough processed cocaine to allow them to sell for enough Eurodollars to purchase extra surface to air missiles in mission Silver Static.

Mission 3 Seeker Down

In Seeker Down the STF SP had to locate a downed RQ-7 Tacit Seeker Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), download the information stored in the UAV and then destroy it with a demolition charge before the C.P.L.M. could get their hands on it.  The C.P.L.M., upon getting the reports from the local peasants that the aircraft had gone down in the area deployed with orders to locate the small aircraft and return it to their base camp. The STF SP quickly located the UAV and set up a defensive perimeter around it. Meanwhile the electronics expert connected the TCT-107 tactical computer terminal to the UAV and fed in the upload code. Five minutes later, the information being carried by the UAV was uploaded to the TCT-107. The STF SP demolitions expert then placed the charges and destroyed the UAV. STF SP then returned to base camp.

Mission 4 Silver Static

In mission Silver Static the C.P.L.M. was to move the money that they received in return for the cocaine gathered during mission Barbed Net to a meeting with an arms dealer. The C.P.L.M. was to pay 1.4 million Eurodollars to the arms dealer in return for a box of four spare Qian Wei-3 (Advanced Guard-3) surface to air missiles for the launchers that they had already purchased from him.   The C.P.L.M. moved their vehicle convoy separately from the money itself.  They sent the money via foot with a squad of rebels.  Upon meeting with the arms dealer they double-crossed him and his body guards by using an MP-5 concealed in a briefcase and remotely fired.  Badly wounding the arms dealer and two of his body guards the C.P.L.M. rebels then made off with the missiles and the money, greatly pleasing the C.P.L.M. commander, Carlos Soro.  The last body guard/sniper was then wounded by the vehicle crew when he tried to hijack the vehicle at gun point. 

The STF SP then swept into the area, taking casualties from a C.P.L.M. suicide troop as they tried to secure the arms dealer and his guards.  Finally the suicide troop was taken out.  The arms dealer and his guards were then evacuated to the STF SP base camp.

The STF SP then went to the C.P.L.M. base camp where they engaged in an intense fire fight.  During the fight the STF SP managed to disable two of the C.P.L.M. vehicles and also managed to secure the spare missiles although the scenario ended before they could get the missiles back to their base camp.

Mission 5 Blazing Cloud

Mission Blazing Cloud had the STF SP trying to locate and destroy the tactical Qian Wei-3 surface to air missile launchers and their command vehicle to clear a corridor for an incoming FA-18D reconnaissance flight.  The C.P.L.M. needed to deliver the missiles they gained in mission Silver Static to the command vehicle, defend it and the three launchers located in the area.  Through a very black night the STF SP managed to locate and destroy one of the SAM launchers and the command vehicle.  The C.P.L.M. kept control of two of the launchers and when the FA-18D recon aircraft entered the area it was shot down by the surface to air missile battery.

Mission 6 Wayward Son

Sunday morning, 19 September 2004, Mission Wayward Son, the pilot and the co-pilot of the FA-18D recon aircraft that was shot down the night before have been evading capture by the C.P.L.M. rebels throughout the night.  STF SP are sent into the area to rescue the FA-18D crew and escort them to dust off.  In a lightning operation the STF SP swept through the area, locating the pilot.  In a mis-identification error the pilot was wounded by friendly fire but was quickly rendered aid by one of the STF SP medics.  He then led the STF SP troops to his badly wounded co-pilot whom he his earlier.  The STF SP medic stabilized the badly wounded co-pilot before placing him on the field litter and escorting them both to the LZ for dust off.  After coordinating smoke identification with the inbound dustoff the FA-18D air crew were successfully extracted from the area.

The C.P.L.M. while gleeful in shooting down the aircraft with their newly acquired, advanced missile systems the night before, were not able to deploy fast enough into the area to secure the downed air crew.  As a result they were robbed of a wonderful propaganda opportunity.

Mission 7 Savage Gleam

STF SP receives orders to assassinate with extreme prejudice two key C.P.L.M. leaders that are to have a meeting in the area.  Marcos Soro a.k.a. Machette, the brother and lieutenant of C.P.L.M. leader Carlos Soro and Hector Ramos, regional commander of the C.P.L.M.  The STF SP swept through the area trying to locate their targets and terminate them as ordered.  The C.P.L.M. leaders managed to infiltrate the area and successfully hold their meeting.  During their exfiltration the C.P.L.M. leaders made use of some body double decoys.  Hector Ramos' body double was killed during the escape but both of the C.P.L.M. leaders did make it out of the area safely. 

It is safe to assume that the C.P.L.M. will not take the assassination attempt on their leadership lightly and may plan some sort of drastic retribution against the United States.  It shall remain to be seen in the future...Operation: Urgent ?

Feedback From the Event

Thank you Echo (and the rest of Blackjack) for putting on a great event. I know we (Huntsville guys) had a great time, made some new friends and ran into some old ones. We appreciate all the time and effort your team put forth to make the event fun and safe. I know we won't be able to make Snake Charmer but we'll likely be at the next event after it. Thanks again!


I and the other AFR members that made it had a great time. Thank you for the great games. Oh, and thanks for the Star Mags and Dog Tags... those were a good bonus.

Good Job BlackJack, and everyone else.

Blackhawk ~ AFR

Excellent scenario game play! The game turned out to be fun and exciting. It was well worth the 9 hour drive to be able to play.

I feel the game staff did a great job adapting to the curve ball thrown by Ivan.

The players on both teams were top notch and added positively to the overall play experience.

Mr. Machine

First off I want to thank everyone that showed up. I have been to my share of airsoft events over the years and at everyone of them I've observed tempers flaring. However, this past weekend didn't seem to have that problem at all. Hell it was like everyone was having a good time. I hope all of you get to come back for another game here in GA because I'd be honored to step on the field with any of y'all.

Blackjack you guys did one hell of a job. I had a great time and am looking forward to seeing you guys in Athens in a couple weeks. Balin I do have one suggestion. Get me a slightly larger cowboy hat. Your's was a little too small. And for those that don't know this has nothing to do with me wearing chaps and riding a pony. And for those that are still lost it's nothing gay.

Willy ~ Team Llama

Thanks Blackjacks for a good game. I had alot of fun. Thanks to delta for letting me tag along with them.

Thanks to Reaper for leading the STF to victory and I look forward to working with you guys in the future.

Ronin ~ Ghost Cell

Thanks to everyone at Team Blackjack for a great time. Everyone on
CPLM was pretty cool to play with. Ranger did a great job, and great call
on the secret 2 man cocaine run,that was FUN. And who needs snipers
when you have a briefcase gun. Hope to return soon.


Thanks for a great time. I think that i may have gotten my dad into airsoft as a hobby. We're even looking at a gun for him soon.

Random Hero

Thank You all for a wonderful time both CPLM and STF.

I look forward to playing with or against you all in the future. The sportsmanship was excellent on both sides.

Also a big Thanks to Team Blackjack for putting on the event, if ya ever need any help with future events just give the Shadow Wraiths a call and we shall do what we can to help out.

Thanks again
Reaper Out

Reaper ~ Shadow Wraiths

Another thanks to all. I had a great time, and I have to agree that except for one very short (and quickly contained) outburst, the overall attitude was superb. sportsmanship was top notch. thanks to everyone who played for making it so much fun, and thanks to blackjack for putting it all together.

Tgrey ~ Delta 2

Thank You to everyone for treating me like one of the guys, it made me feel welcomed.

Thank You to team Blackjack for the great experience, and the fun I had.

I met alot of great people, and look forward to having them on my side.

I guess just an overall THANK YOU to everyone is needed.

Shadow Ghost ~ Rogue Operators

Now that our power and internet are back on I can actually say...Thank you to everyone for making my first airsoft scenario very memorable. It was a great time and just made me anxious for the next one. The attitude was great and everyone was professional and had fun at the same time. Team Blackjack put on a great scenario. Both CPLM and Shepard Phoenix were great and presented many challenges to each other with the skills and experience present. Thanks again to everyone involved.
Gecko out

Gecko ~ Rogue Operators

First off, thank you to Team Blackjack as this event surpassed what I had imagined. It was completely awesome. The issue of our having to track a bit further than the STF was acknowledged and I appreciate it. The games were great. The story line was terrific. Even at the "meeting", the story line was continued. They didn't just sit there, they were keeping up the dialogue completely. Great work.

Thank you to the members of CPLM. You guys were great and worked hard to accomplish every task before you. Even if we didn't win, we still put up a fight. Good job. It makes a leaders job that much easier when you are working with good people. Thanks tons.

Thank you to STF. You guys really did a great job. Way to work together. You took victory out from under my nose right when I had a "light at the end of the tunnel" thought. Great work. Hope to see all those that participated at future events.

Side note....leading a team is a whole other type of gameplay. It drains you mentally. It was a lot of fun and I MAY do it again. smile.gif If anyone wants to try their hand at it, I can assure you it is quite nerve wrecking but completely satisfying.

Good job all. Thanks again.


Big thanks to Team Blackjack for a great and memorable time. This was my first event and it surpassed anything I had imagined. Special thanks to Chuck for bringing up the parts for my M4. I appreciate it!

Everyone on CPLM did a wonderful job. Ranger was an excellent commander that operated seamlessly(if that is even a word )

And it was an honor to be shot by everyone on Shepard Pheonix! Nice job on the win guys.