U.N. Eviction Day

On 30 April, 01 and 02 May, 2004, a contingent of Team Blackjack deployed to Griffin Georgia as a part of the United Nations security force in the U.N. Eviction day event put on by Team Airsoft and American Airsoft.  The event was held in an abandoned cotton mill in the middle of East Griffin Georgia.  There was a very good turn out with over 100 players on site. 

30 April, 2004:  We arrived Friday evening and did a quick look at the mill and touched base with the coordinators.  We then went to check out the hotel and link up with the other elements that had arrived.  Different elements of the Blackjack contingent would arrive in the area through out the night and next morning.  After linking up with the other elements at the Days Inn Hotel in which we were staying, we went out to eat and then headed back to the mill.  We registered but found that the last pistol games for the evening had already been played.  Feeling rejected (But kind of glad for the resting and prep time.) we returned to the hotel room where we prepped for the next day, watched Stargate SG-1 and rested up for the long day of gaming ahead.

01 May 2004:  We awoke at the crack of dawn, O-dark 30 (Way early!) and got everyone ready to roll, loaded equipment, and convoyed out to the mill, stopping for some breakfast on the way.  Upon arrival we got geared up as other elements of Team Blackjack arrived.

Mission #1:

The first game of the day had the U.N. (That would be Team Blackjack, 1st GA ASL, Team Llama, CRASH, Black Company, and South GA Airsoft.) having to retrieve U.N. documents from several different locations within the complex while keeping the Secretary General alive.  By the end of the mission, only one of four sets of documents were recovered but the Secretary General was still alive and kicking.  The first mission was declared a tie by the staff.

Mission #2:

The second mission had the U.N. forces having to contain the patriots inside the building, not allowing them to evacuate their wounded and eliminating them.  We did it.  Elements of Team Blackjack guarded several exits on the North side of the complex and eliminated many patriot side members as they tried to find a way to evacuate their wounded.

Mission #3:

The third mission had three individuals in the building that had to be located, subdued and evacuated by each team.  It took some fierce exchanges of fire but in the end the U.N. team ended up with two of the three personnel that needed to be captured.

Lunch was also served by the staff consisting of hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and soda.  After the last mission there were some more games that we played in, finishing out Saturday.  It was definitely a day of Airsoft CQC Fun!  We then all headed back to the hotel to clean up and went out for dinner.  We found team CRASH leaving the Chinese restaurant we planned on eating at.  They actually left us some food and did not turn the staff against all airsofters.  They must be losing their touch! 

02 May, 2004:  Sunday started out a little later and was just a few pickup games in the factory with those who attended Sunday's fun.  We ended with some impromptu quick-draw contests in the alley and then slowly packed and socialized as the day wound down into the afternoon.

To put it in a nutshell...U.N. won, everyone had an absolute blast, the entire event was great, fire fights in the factory were intense, lots of good people, good play, good atmosphere.  A top notch event!  A big thanks again to Daniel and Alan for making it happen!!!