Scott Eisner

Real name: Scott Eisner

Age: 30

Height:  5' 6"

Weight:  160

Eyes:  Hazel

Hair: Brown

Joined: 05/05

Primary weapon: Classic Army M15A4 with a King Arms red dot scope

Secondary weapon: KSA HK USP with laser

Location: Bogart, Georgia

Employment:  HI-Fi Buys (A Tweeter Company)

Role: Mercenary (Assult - Recon - Scout)

I have always enjoyed extreme sports. Anything outdoors. I have
a vast background with guns and making my own ammo. This time it is the
best, as close to true war.. I would have loved to be a sniper like my
father on the special forces unit with the US Army but I am the only living
son in my family which make me scared to join. I do have to carry my
familys' name. Started airsoft strong in 2005
Quote: "This is my rifle
                        this is my gun
                                  one is for shooting
                                              the other is for fun....."

For the record my mother only lets me spend $5.00 ( me love you long time