Real name: Keith Leary

Age: 34

Height: 6' 2"

Weight:  190

Eyes:  Green

Hair: Light Brown

Joined: 03/05

Primary weapon:  TM AK-47
Secondary weapon:  CA75 (KWA), VZ61 Skorpion (Maruzen)

Location:  Warner Robins, Georgia

Employment: Mechanical Engineer

Role: Assault/Recon


Keith has been playing scenario paintball (on and off) since 1986, the last few years leading scenario paintball teams, but like Dan grew tired of the bad attitudes and cheating. Employed by the DOD, and having always had an interest in military history and wargaming, one day he decided to give airsoft a try, and decided he really liked it.

Keith favors Russian gear whenever possible.



 "Spread out. Don't bunch up. Find some cover."

"I'm going to go up here and have a look...."