Highway 144

Real name: Jeff Wunsch

Age: 23

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 170 (street clothes) 190 (geared)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark Blonde

Joined: January, 2007

Primary weapon: TM MP-5A4 (Emily) OR TM M-1A1 (Laura)

Secondary weapon: KWC 1911 GBB (currently un-named)

Location: Pinehurst, NC

Employment: Tile Showroom Materials Manager

Role: Videographer/Assorted Combat Tasks


In the beginning there was the finger, and the finger begat the squirt gun, and the squirt gun begat the SuperSoaker, and the SuperSoaker begat the Nerf gun, and the Nerf gun begat the laser, and the laser begat the Red Ryder, and the Red Ryder begat the Tippmann 98, and the Tippmann 98 begat the cheap Airstrike 240, and the cheap Airstrike 240 begat the Thompson 1928 springer, and the Thompson 1928 springer begat the Panther M-4, and the Panther M-4 was dismantled, because it sucked, but not before the arrival of Laura, and Laura necessitated Emily because the TM Thompsons are too damn heavy, and then came the shell of the M-41A for Laura which became Brittney, and the spring pistols yielded to the gas pistols, because they shoot more faster and harder, and then he laid down his arms for one or two games, wielding only the Jeffycam, and recorded the events for the enjoyment of his teammates, and he was drawn in by the WWII scenarios, but he stayed to chase reindeer.

Quote: "Thanks to everyone who co-operated with, or was oblivious to, the camera."