DLOC (Dark Lord of Cereal)

Real name: Dan Davis

Age: 33

Height: 6'

Weight: 205

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Joined: 11/03 

Primary weapon: TM Colt m4/sr16/733 Frankengun, TM Thompson, TM P90
Secondary weapon: Beretta M-9 (KJW)

Location: Porterdale, GA 

Employment: General Mills

Role: Assault/Heavy Weapons

Dan has played paintball since 1991 and after many stints in several scenario teams and owning his own paintball field got tired of others cheating, arguing, and fistfights and decided to give airsoft a try.

Quote: "Who pissed in your cherrios?...oh yeah that was me." 

"Who'se the asshole?"