Real name: Balin Deloach

Age: 28

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 230

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Light Brown

Joined: 02/03 (Founder)

Primary weapon: CA/TM Hybrid MC51 "Black Adder" 

Custom worked CA MP5 SD front end
Systema M120
Systema Bushings
Systema Silent Piston Head
TN Tightbore Barrel
Systema Flat Ratio Gearset
MOS MAG C-Mag :)

Secondary weapon: (ICS) MP5SD5 RIS, (TM) MP5K

Location: Norcross, GA 

Employment: Computer Technician

Role: Team Captain, Sapper/Logistics/General Freak


Cloudcaptain spent many years in the SCA and live action roleplaying games.  Burn out sent him in search of something better and he bumbled across airsoft. Raised in the woods and mountains of North Georgia, this articulate and off kilter "good ole' boy" is ready to dump plastic where needed.

Quote:  "SILENCE!"